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Today there are at least ten different New Thought Denominations.

Although there is a proliferation of nonsense language by some well-meaning souls using terms such as "transdenominational," these different organisations are distinct with distinct approaches.

There are also some wonderful New Thought Institutions which support New Thought Seekers and Sharers in different ways.

Explore the different belief structures and beliefs of the various denominations and choose the path that best suits you. Although there are some denominations who attempt to avoid the issue of articulating beliefs ...

This is an exploration of the beliefs articulated by various New Thought denominations at some time or other.

Seicho No Ie ~ All religions emanate from one Universal God.

What We Believe ~ FAQ ~ Texts

Core Beliefs of Seicho No Ie are:

  1. The universe is manifestation of a perfectly harmonious Divine force.
  2. Humans and everything else are perfect creations of this Divine force.
  3. Apparent imperfections are merely subjective interpretations of the material world.
  4. Our material environment, destiny, and bodies are all the reflections of our mind and spirit.

A few words from Founder Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi

” All evil things are nothingness. They could never be the product of Divine Will but of man’ s deluded mind. Everything that occurs in man’s environment is a reflection of his mind. The same is true with man’s physical body. Man is truly a child of God. He is already immaculate and redeemed. The world is a reflection of the mind. The source of all necessary supply is already within you. Rise now! Begin your mission now!”

"Rev. Taniguchi's message is simple, direct, and it can change lives. His main theme is that each of us can reach spiritual fulfillment when we come to realize the God consciousness within us. Our lives are meant to be harmonious, joyful, and fulfilling in all aspects. Through the power of the mind, we can greatly improve our environment and physical condition by replacing our negativism with positive thoughts and beliefs."


Explore the Rainbow of New Thought Beliefs / Discover your Truth!

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