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Support is available for:
~ Souls seeking Spiritual Support
~ Souls seeking Wedding Services
~ Seekers of New Thought Wisdom / Education
~ Co-creators of New Thought Media
~ New Thought Library patrons (both sponsors and users).

~ Sponsors of New Thought Communities updating Universal New Thought directory listings such as those in*
~ Sponsors who are:
^^^^^a. upgrading Charity listings to Prosperity.*
^^^^^b. updating listings.*
^^^^^c. confirming levels of info to be revealed.*
~ volunteers and participants
~ students participating in validated New Thought education programs.
~ New Thought leaders in the Advisory council.
~ New Thought sponsors seeking promotion of their spiritual path, services, etc...
~ Donors of New Thought Media (books, recordings, etc...) to
~ New Thought Musicians and Speakers
~ Mitarbeiter / partners

To get help:
1. open an account
2. create a ticket regarding the issue you need support for.

We cannot recover or provide email addresses for you.

We understand that you may be supporting your favorite New Thought Community, probably on your own initiative. Be kind, polite and patient with volunteers to facilitate fast support. Active sponsors are provided archives and history of support requests.

We cannot supply support if you do not open an account, then create a ticket regarding the issue you need help with.

In response to overwhelming user requests for a web support system to replace time consuming phone calls and related long distance expenses, as of 2016 we have introduced this ticket system. Users will never need to "waste time" on Skype or the telephone ever again :)

* Sponsors seeking upgrades or updates of listings simply provide PayPal Transaction ID's and for communication regarding a listing or account validate using the same email address as the Transaction ID. We cannot provide validation without these.

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