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There are four types of sponsors:

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  1. Community Stewards are individuals who have assumed the mantel of responsibility for a particular New Thought Community through stewarding the listing pertaining to their favorite New Thought center. They demonstrate Prosperity Consciousness for a particular New Thought Community through stewardship.
  2. Third Party Sponsors / Spiritual Entrepreneurs use the button links in those listings which lack a Community Sponsor to promote their favorite services or products.
  3. Update Sponsors want to sponsor a one-time update of the info in an existing listing but are not concerned about any further commitment. This is perfect for loving souls who simply can't, or don't want to, be responsible for a New Thought Community's public profile beyond helping to update the name and address of a particular listing.
  4. New Thought Library patrons who support the Library and other sites we manage, like DivineJournal.com and DivineTao.com in order to promote New Thought teachings and to insure continued access to the texts in NewThoughtLibrary.com and its mirrors.
Community Stewards are able to exert "ownership" over the listing(s) they sponsor. Thereby they may implement updates, choose to show contact info, block Third Party Sponsorship of links and direct button links to community resources, or pages of their favorite community members.

All Sponsors get Support by:

  1. Registering with a valid email
  2. then submitting validation and subscription codes to verify their sponsorship.

Privacy / Security is insured through the two step verification process of these codes.

  1. Your support for any New Thought Organization, Community, Center or Leader is anonymous.
  2. Sharing your compassionate action of supporting a New Thought Center or Organization is up to you.
We are reflections of the Divine
Community Sponsors of listings pertaining to various New Thought Organizations, Communities, Centers, Churches and Study groups are able to:

  1. update Universal New Thought directory listings such as those in www.FindACenter.com.
  2. upgrade Charity listings to Prosperity.
  3. update listing info.
  4. confirm levels of info to be shown within the listing(s) they sponsor.

Be aware that until that point at which enough New Thought Communities are able to support the work we do, responses to your inquiries may require some time. Be patient replies will eventually manifest and action will follow.

To get help:

  1. open an account
  2. create a ticket regarding the issue you need support for.
  3. log back into your account at: https://newthought.net/help/ in order make sure solutions move forward.

Support your favorite New Thought Community!
Be kind, polite and patient with volunteers to facilitate fast support.

Sponsors seeking upgrades or updates of listings provide valid Subscription and Transaction ID's. We cannot provide validation without these.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

How long has the Universal New Thought Directory system been around?
The Universal New Thought Directory system has been on the web in one form or another since the 1990's.

Why was it built?
It provides New Thought Seekers with a way to Find New Thought Centers regardless of whether they belong to a particular form of organized New Thought such as CSL (Religious Science), Unity (headquartered in Missouri), Universal Foundation for Better Living (UFBL), Divine Science, Seicho No Ie (the largest New Thought denomination), or various Independent New Thought Communities.

Who built the New Thought Directory system?
The founders of NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought which was originally known in 1991 / 92 as Global New Thought.

The founders were the first generation of volunteers. They sponsored every New Thought Community around the globe and also built www.NewThoughtLibrary.com which provides classic New Thought texts for free to New Thought Seekers and Sharers.

Why did the founders care to promote New Thought as a spiritual path?
The founders believed and those still living continue to believe that New Thought offers the best path of Spiritual Freedom, shared Peace and Prosperity through Universal Spiritual Principles and traditional New Thought teachings rooted in the principle that "as we change our thinking, we change our lives."

How do people find the New Thought Directory system?
The same way you did. The directory system is toward the top of the Search engines (Google, Bing etc...) and every day thousands of visitors learn about New Thought via the free texts at www.NewThoughtLibrary.com and other sites created by the founders, then click on links to explore New Thought Fellowship opportunities via the Universal New Thought directory system websites such as www.FindACenter.com

How is the New Thought Directory system powered / supported?
The directory is powered through two types of sponsorship: Community Stewards and Third Party Sponsors.

How can I help my favorite New Thought Community grow and thrive?
Become a Community Steward, update the listing if it needs updating, then upgrade it to Prosperity so that it has contact info enabling seekers to phone.

How can I boost my favorite New Thought Community in the search engines and bring more people to our center?
As a Community Steward choose a level of sponsorship which includes a URL link back to your center's website.

How do you keep my info secure?
If you look at the address field of your browser, you should see a lock to the left of it. This indicates TLS (Transport Layer Security), which is more commonly known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This keeps your connection to this site secure.

Do you share sponsor's personal info?
We have implemented a system which ensures your privacy and eliminates the need to save any info which you do not wish to share.

Even before the latest Facebook scandal, we created an active approach to protecting sponsors’ data through a two step process. Sponsorship is verified through submission of PayPal Transaction& Subscription Codes insuring privacy while eliminating special treatment or favoritism. Sponsors register HERE at https://NewThought.net/help The “s” after “http” means we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect site users seeking support. Our system helps protect your privacy.

PayPal Transaction and Subscription Codes are combinations of letters and numbers and thus do not provide Support Staff with any personal info. The Support staff submits these codes for verification but does not have direct access to PayPal account info.

I love my New Thought Community, can I support them anonymously?
As explained above, all sponsorship is anonymous because verification is done by PayPal Transaction Codes. It is up to you to decide whether you wish to share the fact that you are a sponsor.

If you wish to support a New Thought Community and prefer to be in the background, that is your choice. When you created the account to submit this ticket, you provided an email and other information. That information is for communication purposes.

Updates & Upgrades for Community Stewards as well as redirection of button links for Third Party Sponsors rely upon the PayPal Codes for verification and implementation.

Can I delegate the responsibility for updates and upgrades to someone else at my New Thought Center?
Since we rely upon the PayPal Codes for verification and implementation, you can provide those codes to whomever you wish. As long as they are valid when we submit them for verification that is fine.

Is support provided by email?
While you may receive notification of the update of an ongoing ticket and at times it might include the latest communication regarding that issue, ALL support is provided through this secure website ( https://newthought.net/help/). Support staff do not receive direct emails.

How do the Universal New Thought Directory listings work?
There are listings pertaining to every registered New Thought Community around the globe.

Each listing:
  • ~ pertains to a particular New Thought Organization / Community / Center.
  • ~ has button links above the listing to services such as weddings, counseling, classes etc ….
  • ~ provides the name and location of the center for basic listings
  • ~ may have additional info such as service times, name of leader etc...*
*some info may be out of date if no one at the New Thought Center to which the listing pertains cares about the listing.

How do the five button links above each listing work?
When a responsible party at a New Thought Center becomes the Community Steward, the sponsor may direct links to services offered by that Center. If the New Thought Leadership is unable to manifest a Community Steward, then Third Party Sponsors can direct those links to targets they choose until such time that a Community Sponsor comes along who directs those links to services offered by the center or individuals at the center.

Thus the button for “Interfaith Weddings” may be directed by a Third Party Sponsor to a local wedding service.

Or the button for “Classes” might target an alternate provider of spiritual classes, etc .... The reason for this system is self evident.

Does a Community Sponsor have more options than a Third Party Sponsor?
Yes, Community Stewards have a lot of options. For instance for the duration a listing has a Community Steward, that sponsor can opt to block Third Party Sponsorship.

What other types of options are available to Community Stewards?
For instance the Community Steward can:
  • opt in on higher levels of contact info
  • manage Third Party Sponsorship
  • opt in on blocking Third Party Sponsorship
  • manage Social Media Links
  • delegate and manage any free resources the center may be using
  • decide how button links are redirected to best benefit the community
    • ~ choose the best wedding celebrant
    • ~ choose the featured spiritual counselor / practitioner
    • ~ direct the link to New Thought classes
    • ~ direct the link to the preferred New Thought audio website
    • ~ direct the link to the best DivineJournal.com (automated New Thought Wisdom) App
  • create comments below the listing to inform and direct visitors to the listing
  • choose the favorite New Thought Library links below the listing
  • opt in to facilitate annual updates the listing

Are there alternate DivineJournals?
There are numerous DivineJournals written by different New Thought ministers, practitioners, teachers, writers and of course classic New Thought authors such as:

Can we create our own DivineJournal app?
Yes, the DivineJournal program is still available.

How are the names of centers and addresses kept up to date?
Names and addresses are routinely checked by a bot (automated program) system. When a New Thought Center changes its name, that name is added to the listing so that seekers can find the center then visit it.

Why do some listings have old names of Spiritual Leaders or out of date service times?
We do not have an automated system to check that info. Most likely the previously listed Spiritual Leader manifested the Prosperity Consciousness necessary for an update, or inspired someone else to update the listing. It is possible that the new Spiritual Leader lacks awareness of the listing. Yet obviously you are here which means consciousness is evolving.

Why is a contribution required for an update?
The Universal New Thought Directory system has been around for decades. The founders and the first three generations of volunteers sent thousands of letters and made thousands of phone calls to every New Thought Community in the world making thousands of free updates annually for decades. If we only review updates since 1999, volunteers heard thousands of pledges over the years from various people at over 2400 New Thought Communities around the world. Less than .01 percent of those pledges were ever fulfilled. It became obvious that the best way to move forward from now on is the update contribution. This should not be a problem for New Thought Communities that are walking their talk.

Our attendance is shrinking, can you help us?
Go beyond a mere update, become a Community Steward right now. This will add contact info to the listing and reassure seekers that the Center the listing pertains to "walks its talk." This is the first step to growth.

Why is attendance shrinking or simply not growing?
If your attendance is shrinking or stagnating, you are not alone. There has been dramatic shrinkage in attendance at New Thought Centers since 1999 resulting in the closure of 49% of New Thought Centers around the world. Today there are still about 1200 New Thought Communities. There are reasons for this but you are here for an update / upgrade.

Does shrinkage in attendance mean less people are learning about New Thought?
Not at all, traditional New Thought as a philosophy, spiritual path and way of life is growing, but a rising number of people are not feeling inspired at the New Thought Communities they are visiting. There are reasons for this.

A valid email address is required to submit a ticket.
Use of resources managed by NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought are subject to the

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