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Community Stewardship vs Third Party Sponsorship:

There are three types of sponsors:

  1. Community Stewards are sponsors who have assumed the mantel of responsibility for a particular New Thought Community through stewarding the listing pertaining to their favorite New Thought center.
  2. Third Party Sponsors are Spiritual Entrepreneurs who use the button links in those listings which lack a Community Steward to promote their favorite services or products.
  3. Update Sponsors who simply want to sponsor an update.
We are reflections of the Divine

Community Stewards

are individuals who have assumed the mantel of responsibility for a particular New Thought Community. They understand the importance of Active Stewardship of the opportunities a New Thought Community has to make a public impression.

Who becomes the Community Steward?

Community Stewardship is a responsibility assumed by a person who cares about a particular New Thought Community.

At this time Stewards are generally self-empowered / self-directed members at their favorite New Thought Centers
expressing love for their New Thought Community by serving as the online PR liaison.

For decades the founders believed that Community Stewardship would be a responsibility assumed by the Spiritual Leader, Administrator, Board President or an individual delegated as such, but this turns out not to be the case.

How does one become a New Thought Steward?

The average Steward usually takes on this role by "Divine Appointment."
The process generally flows as follows:

A New Thought Seeker:

  • reads a free book in NewThoughtLibrary.com, perhaps Ernest Holmes' Science of Mind, or Myrtle Fillmore's Healing Letters.
  • decides to search for New Thought fellowship.
  • clicks a link to the Universal New Thought Directory system, perhaps FindACenter.com
  • finds listings pertaining to different New Thought Centers in the area
  • visits New Thought Centers affirming both Prosperity and Charity.
  • Looks for a New Thought Community which embodies the traditional New Thought values explored through classic texts in New Thought Library such as Abel Allen’s 1914 Message of New Thought.
  • makes notes about experiences:
    • What are the talk topics of the speakers?
    • How do people talk to visitors and each other?
    • Do they embrace science, medicine, human rights, civil society? Or are they oriented toward illusionism like Christian Science?
    • Do they teach that “as we change our thinking, we change our lives?” Or promote magical thinking?
    • Do they share traditional core concepts of New Thought such as co-creation and its concomitant partnership values?Or do they teach submission?
    • Will her children be respected and empowered? Will they learn the traditional New Thought values embodied within the UDHR? Or will they have a #meToo experience?
  • chooses the New Thought Community where she feels happy.
At some point,
while reading Harmon McQuilkin's Evolution of Psychic Healing for free
in NewThoughtLibrary.com,
our New Thought reader:

  • decides to return to FindACenter.com
  • visits local listings of New Thought Centers in her area again
  • observes the listing pertaining to her community is a Charity listing,
  • after the weekly Celebration Service at her New Thought Community:
    • mentions this to the spiritual leader, is referred to someone else,
    • discovers that none of the leaders is interested in promoting the New Thought Center beyond what they already do
    • speaks to the webmaster who says: "I just work on their website. They don't budget any money for me to do more than that."
    • asks the board president why "don't you upgrade the listing to Prosperity?" The reply: "We tithe money to Home Office, they have their own directory."
    • goes to the Senior Minister,
    • asks "Why don't we affirm prosperity, update the listing, and support these New Thought resources which support us?"
    • hearing the reply: "We gave at gave to Home Office."
    • realizes that despite the fact that she came to the community via FindACenter.com, the leadership of the community was not going to take responsibility for the New Thought Communities' impression or promotion on the web.
    • decides that being the Community Steward will be her way to contribute.
  • returns to the Universal New Thought Directory system
  • clicks on a link to NewThought.net/help
  • finds this page,
  • registers to get support
  • becomes the Steward for that New Thought Community
  • upgrades and updates the listing pertaining to the Community
Our New Thought Seeker was self directed to co-create for highest good, manifesting Divine Appointment to visit FindACenter.com, look for a New Thought Community in her area, join one, then become the Community Steward.

Now as the Community Steward:

  • supports her New Thought Community and the online New Thought Resources she loves
  • updates the listing she stewards
  • adds the phone number and other contact info to the listing
  • requests a block on Third Party Sponsorship of the button links
  • directs the button link for Interfaith Weddings to a member who is a wedding celebrant
  • directs the button link for Spiritual Counseling to her favorite practitioner
  • directs the button link for New Thought Classes to the center’s class webpage
  • mentions her work to the Spiritual director who responds “great.”
  • smiles more, and
  • feels good because deeds yielding positive results provide a lift to the heart
  • speaks with a new member who came to the center as a result of her compassionate action
  • and now has a new friend.

That is the usual way people become a Community Steward.

Community Stewards may
implement updates, choose to show contact info, block Third Party Sponsorship of links and direct button links to the community resources, or pages of their favorite community members.

How do Community Stewards get support?

All Sponsors get Support by:

  1. Registering with a valid email
  2. then submitting validation and subscription codes to verify they are sponsors.

Privacy / Security is insures through the two step verification process of the validation codes.

  1. Your support for any New Thought Organization, Community, Center or Leader is anonymous.
  2. Sharing your compassionate action of supporting a New Thought Center or Organization is up to you.

Community Sponsors of listings pertaining to various New Thought Organizations, Communities, Centers, Churches and Study groups are able to:

  1. update Universal New Thought directory listings such as those in www.FindACenter.com.*
  2. upgrade Charity listings to Prosperity.*
  3. update listing info.*
  4. confirm levels of info to be shown within the listing(s) they sponsor.*

Be aware that until that point at which enough New Thought Communities are able to support the work we do, responses to your inquiries will require some time. Be patient replies will eventually manifest and action will follow.

To get help:

  1. open an account
  2. create a ticket regarding the issue you need support for.

Support your favorite New Thought Community!
Be kind, polite and patient with volunteers to facilitate fast support.

* Sponsors seeking upgrades or updates of listings simply provide valid Subscription and Transaction ID's. We cannot provide validation without these.

A valid email address is required to submit a ticket.
Use of resources managed by NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought are subject to the

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