DivineJournal App Writing Program

Create a DivineJournal.com App which can be embedded on your website and even turned into a book.

Created by one of our founders in 2005, the DivineJournal App program was originally open only to New Thought Ministers. Then it was opened to New Thought practitioners. Today it is open to all New Thought writers registered into the program.

As you can see by visiting the DivineJournal.com website, the app produces Daily New Thought Wisdom which resides on the DivineJournal website AND can be embedded into your favorite websites.

Classic New Thought Journals:

There are currently three featured Classic New Thought Journals such as:
There is also one featured New Thought writer's journal.

There are numerous other journals within the system which respective writers use as they desire, either through linking to their journal or by embedding the app into their favorite websites.

Get in the program, build then add your Divine New Thought Insights into the system. Perhaps your journal will be featured one day!

Or you might process your DivineJournal into a book to be sold on Amazon, or elsewhere!