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Practically from when we began Serving New Thought we have been providing Free Hosting to New Thought organizations in need. And the need has always been huge!

Spiritual Seekers who have recently discovered New Thought assume that New Thought ministries are all flush with cash due to the "Prosperity Gospel." While leaders at established New Thought Churches are often highly paid, this does not mean the ministries they serve are flush with cash. Membership at most New Thought communities is generally low, between 40 and 60. The average age of members is also between 40 and 60. (Perhaps a numerologist can find some psychic significance in this.)

How can we grow our New Thought Ministries?

While forty-nine percent (49%) of New Thought Centers have closed since 1999, a 2018 study by researchers at Harvard and Indiana University Bloomington reveals that attendance at fundamentalist churches with right wing political orientations is rising.

The study shows "the percentage of church-attending Americans relative to overall population is more than four times greater today than it was in 1776" and "the percentage of Americans who attend church more than once a week, pray daily, and accept the Bible as wholly reliable and deeply instructive to their lives has remained absolutely, steel-bar constant for the last 50 years or more, right up to today."

Attendance at fundamentalist churches with right wing political orientations has "continued to rise each and every decade over our nation’s history right up until the present day," while people with a progressive orientation are increasingly denied spiritual fellowship which embraces science and has a firm commitment to Human Rights.

Fundamentalists know their audience. Fundamentalist ministers offer seekers a faith based solution generally rooted within books from the four branches of the Abrahamic Religion. One branch of Abrahamism experiencing growth is that group calling themselves Islam. Sharing a great deal of faith based beliefs such as virgin birth, physical resurrection of the dead, proselytism and Apocalypticism with two other branches of Abrahamism calling themselves Christianity and Mormonism, this group places a strong emphasis on supporting its members and pushing reactionary conservative political change. Fundamentalists of all kinds prefer destabilization of Civil Society in favor of authoritarianism if they believe that decreased freedom will enable them to forward their Apocalyptic goals. Within the United States, Abrahamic fundamentalists from all four quadrants of the Abrahamic religion comprise a hefty and solid thirty-six percent (36%).

New Thought ministers appear to be unaware of their audience. Teaching Universal Spiritual Principles can sometimes lead to a passive acceptance of all phenomena. Such passivity can result in Milquetoast and serving a salad of teachings smothered with a bland "ranch dressing" of Stoicim, in the belief that such fare will better appeal to "the herd."

The problem with attempting to "be all things to all people" is that ultimately this lowers appeal by diminishing key teachings. Some New Thought teachers fearing being seen as "unbelievers" by Abrahamic extremists have even fashioned a "cloak of Christian respectability" denying the basic core concepts and Truth Principles of New Thought in order to gain acceptance from and avoid potential friction with those who deny the highest truth embodied within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

New Thought believers want to share traditional New Thought teachings, but increasingly New Thought institutes created by organized New Thought denominations have relinquished traditional New Thought teachings in favor of the illusionism promoted by Mary Baker Eddy.

Abandoning traditional New Thought in favor of the magical thinking taught by those adhering to that aberration known as "Late New Thought" has been destructive to the growth of the New Thought movement which traditionally relies on Truth Principles / Core Concepts such as Co-Creation and Human Rights.

While physics such as quantum entanglement can be used to explain metaphysical mysteries, New Thought differentiated itself from "mystery religions" and the convolutions of Theosophy in 1899 at the First Annual Convention of the Metaphysical League. Out of this conference grew the first International New Thought Alliance which has gone through multiple permutations and new incarnations to this day.

In 1914, Abel Allen provided insight into traditional New Thought writing that NEW THOUGHT is:
"a term used to convey
the idea of growing or developing thought.
In considering this subject,
the word "New" should be duly and freely emphasized,
because the expression "New Thought"
relates only to what is new and progressive."

While there have always been odd exceptions to the Message of New Thought such as the meditations taught by Annie Rix Militz which purportedly enable people to live forever, or for women to become pregnant without sperm (parthenogenesis), champions of traditional New Thought including Ernest Holmes have taught that New Thought is:
"a synthesis of the laws of science,
opinions of philosophy,
and revelations of religion,
applied to human needs and
the aspirations of humankind"

For the first half of the 20th Century New Thought thrived; this was the time when traditional New Thought values embracing science, the scientific method, human rights and Universal Spiritual Principles were an intrinsic part of the education of New Thought ministers and consequently part of their talks at Celebration Services.

Sadly in the latter half of the 20th century, egocentric philosophies increasingly pushed out progressive positive thought. Recent breakthroughs in the field of epigenetics have provided fertile fodder for hucksters seeking to exploit the expanding poverty in the United States through flogging "genetic attunements." In short, instead of being educated, many new promising and passionate New Thought leaders are becoming institutionalized.

At least one of these institutions teaches a philosophy of ministry derived from ideas
created in World War 2 by Mussolini's Italian intellectuals. One of these is the idea that in any given church only 10 to 20 percent of the members feel "ownership." Their ministers are taught that bringing new members into their Spiritual Centers generates more work but provides little financial benefit. Therefore this institute trains ministers to focus on "growing the Prosperity Consciousness" of the current members rather than expanding and growing membership by sharing the good news of New Thought.

This is one of multiple reasons attendance at New Thought Communities has declined so dramatically since 1999, that forty-nine percent (49%) of New Thought Centers have closed their doors. Another is an emphasis on salesmanship, branding and gimmicks such as "Crystal Beds."

In lieu of inspiring through championship of empowering progressive positive thought which so many people appreciate, an increasing number of New Thought ministers have consciously or unwittingly embraced what has come to be known as "Late New Thought."

While the majority of New Thought organizations apparently cannot afford to sponsor updates or ugrades the listings pertaining to their organizations in the Universal New Thought Directory,s
ome New Thought organizations have used the free hosting services while also contributing to support the listing pertaining to their center. These centers are led by New Thought Leaders who actually believe in traditional New Thought teachings.

Whether you teach traditional New Thought, or what has been come to be called "Late New Thought," if there is a listing pertaining to your center in the Universal new Thought Directory system you qualify for FREE hosting.
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