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Although 49% of New Thought Communities closed their doors from 1999 to 2016, New Thought as a movement is growing.

Traditional New Thought embraces Scientific Thinking, Human Rights and Core New Thought Principles such as Co-creation.

While physics such as quantum entanglement can be used to explain metaphysical mysteries, New Thought differentiated itself from "mystery religions" and the convolutions of Theosophy in 1899 at the First Annual Convention of the Metaphysical League. Out of this conference grew the first International New Thought Alliance which has gone through multiple permutations and new incarnations to this day.

In 1914, Abel Allen provided insight into traditional New Thought writing that NEW THOUGHT is:
"a term used to convey
the idea of growing or developing thought.
In considering this subject,
the word 'New' should be duly and freely emphasized,
because the expression 'New Thought'
relates only to what is new and progressive."

While there have always been odd exceptions to the Message of New Thought such as the meditations taught by Annie Rix Militz which purportedly enable people to live forever, or for women to become pregnant without sperm (parthenogenesis), champions of traditional New Thought including Ernest Holmes have taught that New Thought is:
"a synthesis of the laws of science,
opinions of philosophy,
and revelations of religion,
applied to human needs and
the aspirations of humankind"

For the first half of the 20th Century New Thought thrived; this was the time when traditional New Thought values embracing science, the scientific method, human rights and Universal Spiritual Principles were an intrinsic part of the education of New Thought ministers and consequently part of their talks at Celebration Services.