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Wonderful Free New Thought Resources:

We are reflections of the Divine There are some wonderful New Thought Resources available to learn more about New Thought in all its forms

  • ~ NewThoughtLibrary.com provides free books and New Thought media
  • ~ NewThought.info & NewThought.net provide info about the various forms of New Thought, beliefs promoted by different organizations, New Thought principles and practices. The former is an open URL, the latter has SSL encryption.
  • ~ FindACenter.com provides names and address of New Thought Organizations (Some organizations are apparently unable to affirm their prosperity to update their listings, don't be surprised if an organization is subsisting on a charity listing.)
  • ~ DivineTao.com provides a complete and wonderful New Thought Tao. Written in 2003, it is a fun and wonderful resource.
  • ~ DivineJournal.com provides daily New Thought Wisdom from classic and contemporary New Thought writers.
  • ~ New Thought Study provides a study of New Thought by Rev. Dr. Glenn Chaffin
NewThoughtLibrary.com, FindACenter.com, and these other resources are supported by sponsorship.

Although they have existed for decades and are used by millions of people including New Thought leaders, they need your support.

Our founders always believed that New Thought Leaders and Communities would support these resources which support both seekers and sharers.

At no time since the founding of Serving New Thought (now World New Thought) have more than ten (10) New Thought Centers out of over 2400 in 1999 (1237 in 2016) been able to manifest a Prosperity Listing.

Users express concern about this dramatic drop in attendance and consequent closure of almost 49% of New Thought Centers around the USA and the globe.
Reset Your Mind
Reasons cited by different people as to why attendance at New Thought Centers of all kinds is in dramatic decline vary:

  • Some say it is due to a failure of New Thought Leaders to affirm prosperity and promote their centers.
  • Others feel it is due to the abandonment of traditional New Thought teachings by those seeking to make money on "Crystal Beds" and the "Prosperity Gospel."
  • Others claim there is a culture of "FUism" in which New Thought refuse to participate in or support anything they do not personally benefit from.
  • Some claim that there is a pattern of blind loyalty within "organized New Thought" which ignores the general well being and growth of the New Thought movement and traditional New Thought teachings in favor of rationalizations about Spiritual Mind Treatment and metaphysical phenomena using Quantum Physics.
  • Others say the decline is due to a focus on branding and gimmicks instead of Truth Teachings.
  • Still others claim that the problems is that many Institutes of Organized New Thought are failing to teach the Partnership Values inherent in the New Thought Core Concept of Co-Creation and the essential values within the highest Spiritual teaching, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).
Any of these reasons could be cited as contributing to the decline in attendance at New Thought Centers, as Emma Curtis Hopkins would say:

"All your affairs, as you now look at them,
represent your former way of thinking.
They are held together by the glue of your former ideas.
Now if you withdraw that glue, what can you expect,
but that your affairs will all fall to pieces to let new affairs,
representing your new way of thinking establish themselves."

The most insightful understanding of the situation contrasts what has come to be called "Late New Thought" which arose in the latter half of the 20th Century borrowing heavily from the illusionism promoted by Christian Science, versus New Thought 3.1 which enfolds both Riane Eisler's Partnership teachings (an extension of the New Thought Core Concept called "Co-Creation"), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other Core Concepts and Values of traditional New Thought.

When New Thought leaders understand how the New Thought Core Concept known as co-creation has been illuminated by the teachings of Riane Eisler, and are able to comprehend the importance of the economic wisdom embodied within Thomas Picketty's seminal work Capital in the 21st Century, then clarity and insight will replace the tendency to boggle and rationalize. When these insights are combined with the highest spiritual teaching thus far manifested to humanity: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, then the inspiration of higher wisdom will inspire billions to realize that New Thought is the best spiritual path for Humanity.

The founders spent decades making thousands of phone calls and sending out postcards and letters. We think their efforts, along with the fact that New Thought Library and FindACenter.com are towards the top of the search engine results in Google and Bing, are sufficient indications of the situation facing independent and organized New Thought.

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Third Party New Thought Resources include:

  • Science of Mind Archives (http://scienceofmindarchives.org): A denomination New Thought site which focuses on the Holmes brothers Religious Science version of the Science of Mind form of New Thought. (They don't link to other New Thought archives or resources so be sure and book mark this page.)
  • Emerson Central (https://emersoncentral.com/) features the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson. (There are no links to other archives or resources so be sure and book mark this page before leaving.)

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A valid email address is required to submit a ticket.
Use of resources managed by NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought are subject to the

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