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You are a New Thought Teacher!

  • You love New Thought,
  • You trained to be a practitioner
  • You studied and became a minister
While attendance at New Thought Centers is declining, New Thought as a spiritual path, philosophy and way of life is growing. It is just people are not inspired by what they are experiencing at many New Thought Centers.

New Thought = Freedom to take leaps

Carpe Diem! Seize the Day!

Thousands of people every week are reading books in New Thought Library and a large percentage of those are going to the Universal New Thought Directory system to FindACenter.com

When you visit FindACenter.com, you will observe that although it is has been there for decades, many New Thought leaders don't affirm Prosperity to promote their centers. They simply subsist on Charity!
Reset Your Mind
People in your area want to learn New Thought!

  • They visit NewThoughtLibrary.com from all over the world.
  • They are visiting from your area too
  • or perhaps you are teaching online!
Many of the listings pertaining to New Thought Centers in the Universal Directory system have languished in charity for years. Even in the 21st Century alone, the founders and volunteers made thousands of calls encouraging New Thought ministries to promote themselves and the good news of New Thought.

Why aren't New Thought Leaders affirming prosperity and promoting their centers?

We have heard many answers to this question:

  • New Thought Leaders use the Akashic records instead of the internet we use?
  • New Thought Leaders don't use Google or Bing so they never see FindACenter.com or NewThoughtLibrary.com in the search results.
  • Most New Thought Leaders believe in the Prosperity Gospel which doesn't include affirming Prosperity.
  • There are four laws to Prosperity and promoting their New Thought Centers isn't one of them.
  • Most New Thought Leaders were born before 1980, so they are old and don't use the internet.
  • New Thought Leaders don't need the internet because they are magically linked in!
But does it matter?

What ever the reason, their failure is your opportunity to connect with students

Unlike those New Thought Leaders born before 1980, you know how to use the web and how to grab great opportunities.

Get more students by using the Universal New Thought Directory system!

Every Charity listing is a demonstration of either a lack of awareness, lack of consciousness, or simply lack consciousness on the part of the Leaders of the New Thought communities those listings pertain to.

At the same time, every Charity listing represents an opportunity for you to direct the "New Thought Classes" link to your website.

Their failure is your opportunity!

Are you a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

Grab all the Classes links you can for as long as they are available.

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Use of resources managed by NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought are subject to the

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