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Third Party Sponsorship is a great way to build your Spiritual Counseling Service, Wedding Ministry, and get people into your Spiritual Classes.

New Thought = Freedom to take leaps

Carpe Diem! Seize the Day!

Many New Thought Leaders rely upon their parent organizations and freebies to promote their ministries. Some rely solely on the power of prayer to do all the work of sharing the good news of New Thought.

These are the Spiritual Leaders who rely on Charity support for the listings pertaining to their centers in Universal New Thought Directories such as FindACenter.com

They don't realize the wonderful opportunity to promote their practitioners, budding New Thought ministers, New Thought Spiritual Counselors, and wedding ministries with the button links surrounding the New Thought listings in the Universal New Thought Directory.

They seldom sponsor an update of the listing pertaining to their centers or affirm prosperity to upgrade the listing and add contact info!

This provides ample opportunity for Spiritual Entrepreneurs to increase traffic flow by directing neglected button links within Charity listings to active Spiritual Enterprises.

While the founders didn't see this as a wonderful opportunity, our new millennial leadership recognizes this is a wonderful way to support New Thought Seekers and Sharers.

After all:

"A rising tide lifts all points." ~ New Thought / Ancient Wisdom

Reset Your Mind Millions visit NewThoughtLibrary.com to read texts for free.

Many of these readers feel inspired to visit New Thought Centers, so they click on links to FindACenter.com

They are looking for New Thought Classes, New Thought Spiritual Guidance, Wedding Services and more.

As a Third Party Sponsor you can help these seekers find the services they need!

We have upgraded the button links above and around these listings so that when a listing pertaining to a particular New Thought Center does not have a Community Steward, Spiritual Entrepreneurs providing similar spiritual services such as Interfaith Weddings, Spiritual Counseling and Classes can support seekers in their areas.

And as we upgrade the Universal Directory system, we are making it possible for sponsors to create customized pages.

If you are a wedding celebrant, or officiant you can support locals seeking wedding services to find you!

The button links of every listing without a Community Steward are now open for Spiritual Entrepreneurs. You can build your wedding ministry while helping us connect more seekers find the addresses of local New Thought Centers.

Surveys show that not only are the majority of New Thought seekers and sharers avid readers, they like to browse and buy books.

This is why bookstores love to gain control of button links, redirect them to their websites and services!

Our new generation of management provides many wonderful new opportunities to help seekers in your communities through sponsoring the button links above those listings which lack sponsorship.

You can also do a favor to friends by sponsoring button links and directing them to their services!

If you love certain New Thought teachers or courses promote them by sponsoring the classes buttons at the top of listings which lack sponsorship.

Emerging New Thought teachers can help seekers gain access to quality New Thought Classes.

Wedding Celebrants can direct the "Interfaith Wedding" buttons to their websites helping couples find quality services.

Spiritual Guides / Counselors and emerging ministers can help seekers in need by directing them to their services.

A valid email address is required to submit a ticket.
Use of resources managed by NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought are subject to the

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