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Empower your collaborators!

At times you might feel as if the internet is an alien landscape in which you are an invader.

When moving through the web you might feel like it is a vast silk road with spiders all around.

Your privacy and security are important. To better support your privacy and security concerns when working with webmasters and "tech wizards" we established the collaborator code system so that you don't have to share your Subscription or Transactions codes to someone you don't know.

We understand the complications of today. We have heard that wonderful song:

"Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.
Now it looks as though they're here to stay.
Oh, I believe in yesterday."

Growing up in the time of of the paper boy, there were usually at least two newspapers in every town.

In the early morning hours the paper boys and girls would ride their bicycles through the streets tossing the papers onto the lawns. Papers were also a sign of your choices. Revealing whether a family believed that clean air, clean water, good wages, and reasonable retirement embodied within the New Deal, or supported unbridled free enterprise with the hope that all those things will take care of themselves. The cars were sheathed in steel, plastic was novel and it seemed that everyone was living the American Dream!

Then along came the age of television! Not the television of a hundred channels, it was still a time of simple choices. The Waltons hadn't yet graduated from being a family on television living somewhere in the mountains of Arkansas to being the sibling masters of sales. Television was limited to three or maybe four channels: ABC, NBC, CBS and perhaps the odd local channel fueled by ads featuring screaming salesman flogging waterbeds and cheap stereos.

Things transformed again with cable television and on its heels was satellite.

Yet, the "godless" communists could still be counted on to provide a consistent enemy and contrast. Newspapers printed stories about their seemingly endless problems and interviewed the latest "defectors," sandwiched between ads for the latest automobiles churned out by the well paid workers of Detroit made with steel from Pittsburg, home of the Steelers.

Apples weren't capitalized and smart phones were featured on TV, built into shoes or carried by pointy eared logic based aliens.

One day you woke up in a "connected" world, people were watching you through the camera on your TV. "Smart" devices were everywhere and common knowledge seemed to be slipping out of the minds of normal Jane and average Joe into the phones in their hands.

Detroit became another city in the "Rust Belt" and aliens live next door speaking languages you don't understand!

Collaborators became essential to your goals. Your grandchildren collaborate with you in programming you devices and the "odd" looking woman with bright green hair and her tattooed boyfriend who has more tattoos than your navy chum or that neighbor you suspect spend time prison became essential to your activities.

Now you need web support from one of your collaborators.

How do we know who they are?
How can you guard your carefully stewarded listing from being "jacked by a jill?"

Your old friend who somehow understands the mysteries of the alien landscape is one of your primary collaborators. He is your Bond, your hi-tech hero. Or she is your supertech Wonder Woman equipped with a Golden Lasso to extract all from that strange desktop box or your the laptop you can now talk to.

You want them to fix it!

You need them to help!

The answer is The Secret.
Not that secret depicted in the little brown and tan book or in the movie.

The secret collaborator code which you request, then we provide.

You login, provide your transaction and subscription codes. We submit them for verification.

You are validated! We then provide you with your collaborator code for your collaborators.

You pass your unique code on to your collaborator(s) who can use it till it expires to get all the necessary tech info to perform those mysterious esoteric rites known as tech support.

Every code expires so that you time is on your side!

A valid email address is required to submit a ticket.
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