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Where did New Thought come from? 

There are a number of different New Thought histories ranging from folklore to mythology.

But what is the actual history of New Thought?

That depends on how real you want to get?  If we look at the history of the United States, we find a woman named Anne Hutchinson.  She was an autodidact meaning that she learned everything on her own.  This was a time when women were not allowed to go to University, but Anne's family had a large library and Anne was the kind of person who was curious, creative and compassionate.  

These three qualities were not exactly encouraged in English women in 1638.  In fact, the combination was probably quite frightening to the feeble minded Abrahamics of her time.  At this time, even European Abrahamics were quite primitive and like the middle eastern Abrahamics of today, they were both frightened of women and like males who have been raised in decadent Mohammedan homes today, could fly into paroxyms at the site of a woman's ankle.  You can imagine what the site of her breasts could prompt?

Anyway, Anne Hutchinson had radical ideas for the Abrahamic community she was ensconced within.  These were 2nd quadrant Abrahamics (Christianism).  Anne was a member of a group of Puritans who had chosen to migrate to the "Americas" in order to create their own Zion where they could practice the freedom to dominate all the members of their Christianist sect and force them to live according to the devout (mentally ill) dictates of their cult.  Kind of like a Christianist Caliphate which displaced the indigenous people of Massachussets without any media to expose their abuses.  Thus while ISIS murders Yazids, Christians, Druze, Jews and any form of Mohammedanists that do not agree when them,  the Puritans simply murdered any natives they encountered and of course had slaves etc...  

It should be noted that the Puritans did not actually burn witches until over 50 years later.  Of course this should not be mistaken for an acceptance of female spirituality.  The Puritans were by no means feminists.  Puritanism was a patriarchal path that adhered to the dominator model.  Thus when Anne Hutchinson began teaching the “Covenant of Grace” in which moral conduct and piety are necessary to salvation, charges of "heresy" were brought against her.  The overall charge was antinominianism which is a conflation of the rejection of established morality with the understanding that whatever a person believes is of no consequence to the Divine. 

While her teachings seem quite logical and insightful today.  Devout Abrahamics of her time, in particular those practicing Christianism, were increasingly falling into deep patterns of mental illness that are less acceptable today, except among members of the 3rd Abrahamic quadrant.  

Anne Hutchinson's teachings can be distilled into four basic principles which are quite shocking to fundamentalist adherents to any of the four quadrants of Abrahamic Thought:

  1. Life is meant to be lived as a celebration, not as a perpetual state of mourning.
  2. It is not appropriate to push anyone to convert to any form on Abrahamic faith including Christianism because each person is on an inevitable journey to Divine Awakening.
  3. That every person, regardless of what he or she looks like is a Divine Reflection.
  4. That being born a woman is a blessing, not a curse. 


Anne Hutchinson's ideas represent an awakening from the deep delusions that characterised the decadent Abrahamics of her time and place.  One of the great challenges for all adherents to Abrahamic Thought is the tendency for "devout" believers to fall into delusions which precipitate decadent behavior patterns.   This is one of the main reason that societies which are rooted within the soil of Abrahamic culture do not thrive until a firm separation is established so that Civil Society can flourish. 

When societies awaken from the delusions which characterize Abrahamic Decadence, this is often called a divine rebirth.  European culture thrived in Ancient Greece with a high degree of technological breakthroughs in hydraulics and mechanical technology which was spread through Alexander the Great's conquests.   While the Romans were reknowned for genocide and dramatic violations of abuse, the competition between the Romans and other European cultures, including the Nordo-Celtic Culture pushed these cultures to higher artistic expression. 

Roman cultural encounters with Abrahamic Thought ultimately resulted in the eventual decline and destruction of first the Western Empire and later the Eastern Empire.   Technology, both social, intellectual and mechanical went through a drastic decline until the European Rebirth which is called the Rennassiance. 

Anne Hutchinson's ideas are embodied within certain forms of late 19th Century New Thought which were heavily influenced by Christianism such as Unity, and early Divine Science.  Today Anne Hutchinson's ideas are best reflected by the teachings of the UFBL. 

While the ideas of Anne Hutchinson came to be embodied within late 19th Century New Thought "transdenominations" and later within the Universal Foundation for Better Living, there are other patterns of New Thought history accepted by the various groups within New Thought. 

One suggested history of the emergence of New Thought traces its beginning to Thomas Paine and the Deists. 

Another suggests that New Thought began with the Transcendentalists, in particular Emerson and Thoreau.

The classic history of New Thought is that it began with Phineas Quimby, but this story is fraught with problems primarily due to a failure to understand the nature of the Animal Magnetism and Mesmerist movements. 

In fact, while the ideas of New Thought can certainly be traced back at least as far as Anne Hutchinson,  the actual history of New Thought as it is today begins with a bunch of Suffragettes and some Abolitionists who were tired of the shit they were constantly dealing with. 






"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, wakens." ~ Carl Jung

There are many wonderful New Thought organizations with diverse root texts and a variety of approaches to those texts and distinct methods of teaching.

Explore different New Thought beliefs and choose the approach that best suits you. While we are aware that the majority of people who choose the New Thought Path do not find a New Thought Community that suits their sensibilities, we encourage you to visit the different centers.


The basic premise of New Thought is that which is Divine is Good and Omnipresent. New Thought is based on Universal Spiritual Principles as demonstrated and taught by historical figures such as Buddha, Danika, Lao Tzu, and Jesus the Christ. It is understood there are many "Wayshowers." The strength of the teaching of a particular Wayshower is demonstrated through the consciousness and actions of the followers of that path. The adherents of each spiritual path are collectively responsible to the rest of humanity and all life to insure that the expression of their path is not abusive or violent nor violates the rights of other beings.

As mentioned above, New Thought is inclusive and draws on the wisdom of all traditions that teach the truth of our Unity with God/Good and the omnipresence of God/Good.

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New Thought supports us on our individual journey of personal spiritual evolution.

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"'The truth, once announced, has the power not only to renew but to extend itself. New Thought is universal in its ideals and therefore should be universal in its appeal. Under the guidance of the spirit, it should grow in good works until it embraces many lands and eventually the whole world.' ~ James A. Edgerton, New Thought Day, August 23rd, 1915."

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