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"A successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune." New Thought first focused on healing via the Mind-Body Connection while embracing Science and Scientific Medicine. It was not long before someone asked: "How can I heal financial challenges." Healing occurs by taking responsibility, then proper action. What does New Thought teach about "Prosperity" versus "Poverty Consciousness?" In 1907 J. W. Winkley described the root of Poverty Consciousness and other common afflictions as "Ignorant Selfishness," summarizing the New Thought cure: "Bring Love and Wisdom, and all that is kin to them, into activity, life, and health, and we will thereby displace ignorant Selfishness in all its forms and phases. This would not only make the individual man and woman free, healthy, happy, and beautiful, but would tend to banish strife, disorder, war, poverty, crime, and all other moral evil, from the world. This points the way to the ideal life for the individual, the way to the ideal life for mankind. " Page 52, First Lessons in New Thought, 4th edition, J. W. Winkley 1907

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