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People love sports. Some view sports as competitions, others as cooperation, and rightly so. Team sports involve both cooperation within ones' team and competition with the opposing team. Spectators enjoy the artistry and excellence of the players while rooting for a particular player or team. New Thought teaches visualization which is a powerful tool used by athletes, astronauts and anyone who understands.

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New Thought is based on Universal Spiritual Principles which undergird all spiritual paths and religions. New Thought recognizes that the driving force which serves as...

New Thought grows online while attendance at centers shrinks

Observing traditional New Thought and New Thought 3.1 growing online, while attendance at New Thought Centers shrinks, we wondered why? Why are so many folks going to...

New Thought 3.1 rejects “Bodies Without Souls”

The word corporation can be broken down to: corpor = body a = without ratio = soul It is essentially a “body without a soul”...