negative effects from discarding traditional New Thought teachings


New Thought at the end of the 20th Century

Perhaps the reason that some New Thought leaders began discarding the original New Thought teachings, and embracing the aforementioned odd concepts known as “Late New Thought” was due to a paradigm shift in post World War 2 United States emphasizing salesmanship over creativity while seeking solutions through market-based ideas and policies.

Whatever the reasons, the consequence of this shift from Original New Thought teachings to Late New Thought had negative effects across the entire spectrum of society including New Thought organizations.

Late New Thought was an aberration after World War 2

Spiritual Living and Positive Spirituality became weapons!

While we call this odd aberration, characterized by abuse and blaming the victim, “Late New Thought;” New Thought Millennials term the phenomena “the thrall.” Being under the thrall of something means a state of being held in bondage through an overpowering influence of a corrupting philosophy, person or group.

Under “the thrall” of delusions engendered by “nonsense teachings,” some New Thought leaders, even in well known New Thought denominations embraced FU-ism.

While FU-ism may be empowering in some professions, it is characterized by old “dominator paradigms” and thus antagonistic to core New Thought concepts, including co-creation. Insightful spiritual readers will also note that FU-ism is diametrically opposed to Riane Eisler’s Partnership paradigm embraced in New Thought 3.1.

Sensible leaders learn from the past

In light of evidence provided by the recent economic cataclysm which was facilitated by Phil Gramm with the assistance of the Bush and Clinton families, it is clear that leaders embracing compassionate action will not be aligned with any political party, but rather with humanity. We need sensible leaders capable of learning the lessons of the past, then making decisions in the present which will lead to a better future for the greatest amount of people.


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