New Thought 3.1 rejects “Bodies Without Souls”


The word corporation can be broken down to:

  • corpor = body
  • a = without
  • ratio = soul

It is essentially a “body without a soul” created by the filing of papers with a government.  Corporations are a means to organize activities, distribute responsibility and compensate participants.

In ancient Rome and India, corporate type entities were formed using charters detailing their structure and activities subject to government regulation. Some of these entities were formed for conducting business.  In medieval Europe, the use of charters granted by mainly monarchist governments formed the legal basis for churches and cities.  Through detailed charters, these entities could survive longer than the lives of any particular member, even in perpetuity.  The oldest commercial corporation in the world is most likely the Stora Kopparberg mining community in Falun, Sweden, which obtained a charter from King Magnus Eriksson in 1347.

The creation of the modern corporation using joint stock which can be traded on an exchange is attributed to the Dutch.  The Dutch created highly profitable businesses, as well as private armies and navies  They were successful in defending themselves and defeating the most powerful armies and navies of Europe based from a lowland swamp are bordering the ocean.

Today as we look back upon history, it can be observed that corporations have enabled both great feats and dismal corruption.  Successful societies with capitalist economies such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway recognize that balance between profit and the needs of citizens is essential.  These nations follow the ancient wisdom of thoughtful evolving regulations to ensure the profitability of their enterprises while ensuring proper protections of living beings from exploitation and destructive results of mindless pursuit of profit.

Although some philosophers and religionists are fond of pointing to examples of the weakness of human nature, in New Thought we point to the strength of wisdom and integrity when partnership values are upheld in contrast to dominator values.   A great deal of current social corruption stems from the abusive conduct within corporate culture due to ego driven conduct which is encouraged within systems which have descended into dominator values.

The great positive powerful changes across the globe are a result of the creation and maintenance of civil societies which are responsive to the needs and desires of an informed electorate.   Humanity has thus far managed to evolve away from the destructive tendencies within inherited monarchy by creating republics.  Thus instead of corporations being formed by Royal Charter, they are now formed by filing paperwork with government agencies.  Corporate structures are available to all and their regulation resides within the purview of the people through their elected representatives.

Because Civil Society relies upon civil and criminal law applied within the context of human rights, sometimes called civil rights, legal manipulations can lead to complex problems.

In late 19th Century America, the 14th Amendment was exploited to extend the rights of citizenship to corporations.  This was considered a helpful concept in terms of doing business and had things remained at this level with vigilance of the polity to insure that these entities are guided with regulations to insure proper conduct all would be well.

Unfortunately the New Millennium ushered in the most bizarre legal manipulation ever conceived when, through a ruling titled Citizens United, the U.S. Supreme Court essentially ruled that political bribery in the U.S. is legal.  This upended campaign finance laws put in place to prevent under the table financing of political campaigns.   This ruling resulting in a massive disruption to the integrity of the American election process and ultimately to foreign interference in elections.

Oddly enough, the results of this ruling were joyfully summed up by US politician Mitt Romney as meaning: “Corporations are people, my friend.”

Manipulating legal interpretations of corporate “citizenship”, to call corporations people, is a blatant distortion of jurisprudence and spiritual truth.

Yet any person with common sense and decency knows that corporations cannot be people, must not be granted the same rights as people and that spending money is not the same as speech.

Such odd legal manipulations present a clear and present danger to all people because a stack of papers does not have thoughts or feelings, is unable to experience compassion, or demonstrate responsibility  concomitant with human rights if money is viewed the same as political opinion civil society quickly descends into a vile maelstrom of corruption.

It is comforting to see New Thought Millennials reject the concept that a stack of papers can have more than a limited set of rights, or that money is the same as political opinion / free speech.   Observing New Thought Millennials asserting that Human Rights must always be given deference vis a vis the rights of “Corporate persons” and rejecting the twisted philosophy that money is the same as free speech is encouraging.

We believe that human beings are people, whereas corporations are stacks of papers not qualified to have the same rights as a living natural person.”

Traditional New Thought was summarized in 1914 by Abel Allen:

“NEW THOUGHT is not, as many believe, a name or expression employed to define any fixed system of thought, philosophy, or religion, but is a term used to convey the idea of growing or developing thought. In considering this subject, the word ‘New’ should be duly and freely emphasized, because the expression ‘New Thought’ relates only to what is new and progressive.”

This summation of New Thought enables us to understand why New Thought is the spiritual path and preferred religion of thoughtful folk in the New Millennium.   Spirituality is not something simply used on one day of the week.  It is a way of life and thus permeates all choices and conduct.

For those aware and conscious in 1948, it was self-evident that the highest and most profound spiritual wisdom imparted to humanity through humanity is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Throughout history great leaders have declared the truth of Human Rights as the bedrock of society,  the highest wisdom and deepest divine truth.   Today as people grapple with disruptions in civil societies around the globe, wisdom and truth takes on increasing importance.

Human Rights are a New Thought tradition

Corporations are not people and money is not speech.  Manipulating legal interpretations of corporate “citizenship” to say that corporations are people is a blatant distortion of jurisprudence and spiritual truth.

Read, understand, share and assert your human rights.

Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) at


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