Odd philosophies gleaned from World War 2 hurt New Thought development


Odd philosophies gleaned from World War 2 did not help

Some FU-ists found that by searching Italian philosophies of World War 2, they could find teachings to derive the thesis that “at any Spiritual Community, including your own, only ten percent of the congregation feel ‘ownership.’”

On this premise, they began to propound that “instead of sharing New Thought teachings with new people which thereby creates more work for the minister and staff, it is better to focus on encouraging the existing members to give more support in the form of money and energy.”

Obviously such a philosophy would not lead to the empowerment of more people through the teachings of New Thought, but simply to declining attendance. It did just that. This is why since 1999, over 49% of New Thought Centers around the globe have closed their doors!

World War 2 Italian philosopher!?!


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