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5000 years ago, there were Partnership societies in which the truth of gender equality was recognized and leadership was based upon competence.   Today a growing number of people around the world are discovering Partnership Principles through the work of Riane Eisler and others.

It is at this moment that we have stepped upon the bridge of love which can span time and space to any place at any moment. It is a mystery but a sweet one, that within the deepest love lies freedom. Can one get there without understanding the one that becomes two, thus three coexists ….

DivineUnity teaches that when we do the work of re-aligning our heart-minds with highest good then there is no need to change anyone else. Those people who are good for us manifest in our lives when we are ready for them to appear. The ancient secret is that joyful bliss manifests though the cultivation of a good heart-mind reaching outward with kindness.

Interdependent co-arising, oneness, compassion.

In order to change anything we must change ourselves. Sharing New Thought is an essential part of the teaching. If we are blessed with a beautiful lamp, then it is incumbent on us to shine light into the darkness. It is a demonstration of compassion enabling people to see the path, otherwise many people in need would not be aware of its existence.

Our lives are works of art and we can create the most beautiful tapestry of interwoven threads; a vision that is fulfilled in harmonious crescendos of color that create a strong and lasting legacy of beauty. The greatest beauty is found in simple things: the smile of a child, dance of a young mammal in spring; sun sets in the mountains while sitting in natural hotsprings.

7 Basic Beliefs and The Equilibrium

1. We believe in the unity of all life and the unity of all life with the Energy that is the root and fruit of all being.

2. We believe in spiritual evolution. The entire universe is evolving and growing and we are evolving from human self-conscious individuals into complete awareness of our DivineUnity as divine centered people.

3. We believe in the goodness of Spirit and in our innate goodness, because we are evolved in the image and likeness of the Divine. We believe that through perceiving our DivineUnity we are able to best embody the Divine will. We are worthy and loved.

4. We believe in responsibility and compassion. We take full responsibility for our lives because we are free, spontaneous, and unique individualization’s of the Divine and we embody Divine love through compassionate action.

5. We believe in healing. We believe in using doctors and healers to achieve healing but that any condition can be transformed through affirmative prayer. “Where doctors fail, the Divine will prevail.”

6. We believe there is truth in all religions. We respect all love based ministries and all compassionate spiritual paths. We believe in harmony among diverse peoples, cultures, families, and life styles of the world rooted in and respecting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

7. We believe in spiritual transformation. As we open our minds and hearts to the Divine, and consciously love and serve others, we are transformed into the embodiment of DivineUnity. We choose our lives as spiritual beings with courage and grace.

The Equilibrium — A Root Teaching

At the heart of our teaching is the wonderful mathematics of compassion which is called The Equilibrium. Sometimes called the mathematics of success, the Equilibrium was stated mathematically by John Nash. This wonderful mathematics can be summed up in prose as:

“Do what is good for the group and do not exclude yourself.”

Thus we might rephrase the Equilibrium by saying: “Do what is good for the group and what is good for yourself, do what is good for yourself but insure that it is also good for the group.”

In short this is the very root of the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The great challenge of the Golden Rule in the conception of many is that it can lead to ‘meaningless’ self-sacrifice. As opposed to ‘meaningful’ self sacrifice which is found when the fireman rushes into the burning building when others are running out, or when Lieutenant Vladimir Pravik entered Chernobyl to put out the nuclear fire even in the obvious face of a most likely hideous death by radiation poisoning. In contrast to these clear examples of meaningful sacrifice, meaningless self-sacrifice happens all the time when people exclude themselves from the equation and live lives of quiet desperation.

Avoid walling off your good.

In contrast to the person who excludes themselves is the person who only thinks about himself or herself. This is a type of thinking called “walling.” Walling is when a person walls off their good by denying the interconnectedness and interdependence of being. Walling is characterized by hubris, abusive speech and actions. At its very worst, walling results in greed and corruption. This is an obvious spiritual deficit resulting in direct and easily observable suffering.

 Perhaps the most important concept in New Thought is co-creation. Co-creation goes hand in hand with partnership. The deep teachings of Partnership are best explained through the works of Riane Eisler. As we understand how Partnership is essential to success and prosperity, we grasp that it is the very root of survival for us as a species and for our planet as a diverse and beautiful jewel of ecosystems intertwined across the globe.

Thus it follows from our belief in the Equilibrium that we believe in:

Partnership, Compassion, Forgiveness and Reconciliation.


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