New Thought Principles


New Thought Principles of the New Millennium

  • 1. We affirm the Divine as That That Is, Good, Mind, Infinite Being, Spirit, Ultimate Reality.
  • 2. We affirm that the name we give the Divine does not define, nor change the truth, rather names only define the giver and his or her relationship to reality.
  • 3. We affirm that the Divine is Good, is love, supreme, universal, and everlasting.
  • 4. We affirm the unity of humanity with the Divine, in that the divine nature dwells within and expresses through each of us, by means of our acceptance of it, as Good including health, supply, wisdom, love, life, truth, power, beauty, and peace.
  • 5. We affirm the power and potency of meditation and spiritual practices.
  • 6. We affirm the capacity of each person to have divine and mystical experiences, and enjoy Divine Grace.
  • 7. We affirm the primacy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as the highest collective spiritual expression of humanity thus far.
  • 8. We celebrate the diversity of the global genome and within our species by being the Divine loving and compassionate presence in all that we do and through seeing the Divine in all whom we encounter.
  • 9. We affirm the Divine as a creative force defined through co-creation, therefore all souls are responsible to insure their being is one that contributes to highest good.
  • 10. We affirm that we are living in an energetic spiritual universe composed of energy vibrating at different speeds. Our universe is undergirded by laws which we seek to understand through science and art, including physics, mathematics and oral and written expressions such as poetry, drama and storytelling.
  • 11. We affirm that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and as we come into alignment with the laws of the universe, we harmonize with That That is and can thus heal, prosper, and live in balance and peace.
  • 12. We affirm that our mental states are carried forward into manifestation and become our experience in daily living.
  • 13. We affirm the truth of Spiritual Evolution as outpictured through physical evolution and that this evolution is both universal and individual as evidenced by our evolving consciousness which is both defined and reflected by our beliefs.
  • 14. We affirm the expression of the highest spiritual principle is found in unconditional love, mutual respect for the Universal Human Rights as defined in the UDHR.
  • 15. We affirm that the deepest truth and highest wisdom is expressed through compassionate action which promotes highest good; that through sharing New Thought principles, focusing on health and harmony, we are creating heaven on earth right now.
  • 16. We affirm that the various cultures throughout the world have manifested teachers which have taught principles that can be ascertained to be valid through the consciousness such Ancient Wisdom promotes and the actions that result from such consciousness.
  • 17. We affirm the truth of the teaching “As above, so below,” meaning that it is up to us to co-create and cooperate in confirming the manifestation of the “Kingdom of Heaven” here and now through our consciousness and compassionate action.


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