49% of New Thought Centers Closed Since 1999


Since the beginning of the New Millennium, most of these closures were what are called “Late New Thought” centers. This decline in attendance correlates with the abandonment of key Core Concepts of New Thought by those ministers whose primary mentality was that which writers term “Late New Thought.”

In 1948, humanity manifested the most important Spiritual Teaching of all time: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).


Spiritual leaders that recognized this truth were on the forefront of human empowerment and development. Sadly not all spiritual leaders embraced this truth and took on the mantle of leadership to support social transformation in alignment with this, the highest spiritual teaching.

In some cases this was due to the constraints of laws within their societies which codified racial discrimination and thus engendered fear on the part of spiritual leaders within such context to oppose such laws. Today we can see that those spiritual leaders having the character and fortitude to support the UDHR are immortal in the memory and respect of humanity throughout the world.

This supports the saying:

“Those embracing this truth will live forever, those denying it will be cleansed from the memory of humanity, the same as dust in the wind is avoided, and wiped away as useless grime which obscures that to which it clings.”



New Thought embraces the UDHR, and science as a way of thinking.  In some cases ministers with good hearts made the mistake of embracing “nonsense teachings” which have nothing to do with New Thought.  Some spiritual teachers lost their way in their quest for riches or power at the expense of others.  Within the context of traditional New Thought such ministers created confusion among seekers of deeper spirituality.

While such leaders may have had credentials from various institutions certifying them as New Thought teacher, were they really New Thought?

It is probably more accurate to say that they were simply spiritual leaders who fell under what has become known as “the thrall.”

Great New Thought spiritual leaders are compassionate and capable. While lesser spiritual leaders are looking for a job on the stage, great New Thought leaders are the producers behind the scenes. While at times they in the spotlight, most of the time they are mentoring others. The great New Thought leaders can be recognized by the fact that they are not seeking the greatest number of followers, rather such Spiritual Leaders are invested in creating the greatest number of teachers.

Today’s New Thought Leaders are Embracing the UDHR