Sacred Ceremonies in New Thought


As we move through this life, this “parenthesis in eternity”, we have occasions to pause, individually and in community, to mark a rite of passage, or a special occasion with some ritual significance.

This can be a birth, a graduation, a marriage or vow renewal. It can be a house blessing or memorial for the passing of a beloved one.

“Our world is girded by birth and death, beginning with a nascent breath,then a dance of footsteps through love, joy, pain, pleasure, challenges concluding with a rattle. Yet always, the energy, the root of our being flows on forever… ~ Dana Allen

The Wedding, the Recognition (Baptism) , the Feast of Celebration and the Release (Funeral), all mark important moment within our lives.

We understand the human need for marking these moments and remembering them with.

In the words of Rev. Dr. Glenn Chaffin: “Baptism is an outward ritual that intends to reveal the inner spirit of God, which is the life and essence of the child now, as it has always been.”

Some New Thought ministers prefer to call it Recognition, others prefer Christening. Rev. Dr. Glenn Chaffin suggests this language:

“We are gathered here today to baptize and christen this child, the son / daughter of _____________________; and to recognize that he / she is the child of God.”

There are many wonderful New Thought Ceremonies to help you on your Spiritual Journey, please ask.

New Thought is “open at the top”.  Reach out to a New Thought Minister and  know it is by Divine Appointment.

The Ceremony of Realization is similar to Quinceanara or Super 16

Increasingly in the Americas both North and South, people are finding that it is important to have ceremonies marking the transitional phases within a person’s life. Such ceremonies enable the people participating to evolve more easily, letting go of the past patterns and taking up new ones.

Similar in some respects to the Bar / Bat mitvah or the ceremony of confirmation. The Ceremony of Realization takes place at a different age yet also symbolizes the time in which a young person is becoming an adult and taking a new role within the Spiritual Community.

We are reflections of the Divine
The entire universe is included in each moment; and each moment permeates the entire universe. Each moment is a particle of dust that possesses the elements of all lands in the universe, or a drop of water whose essence differs in no way from the vast ocean itself. ~ Nichikan Shonin

In particular ages 15 and 16 take on important significance within the Americas because at 16, many children can begin driving a car. The 15th birthday marks the end of Taxi Time with the 16th marking the possibility of taking up new responsibility which might include driving a car.

We feel that both years are important to celebrate, the first is the acceptance of the end of childhood. The second is the acceptance of the beginning of responsibility. Two years past the age of sixteen, hat person will be legally an adult.

By celebrating these two essential years, we support the emotional, psychic and spiritual transition of our wonderful young adults.

Celebration of a young person’s 15th Birthday is becoming an important part of American Culture. It is akin to the super / sweet sixteen celebration. Why not celebrate both!

We understand the human need for marking these moments and remembering them with.

Release: Celebrating our time with a wonderful soul.

Within Spiritual Mind Treatment the first step is recognition which is the acknowledgment that God is everything.

The last step is Release which is when we “let go and let God”. Some people like to call this an “End of Life Celebration” in terms of a Celebration of the time we have spent with this person. The idea of a gathering that is characterized by loving and uplifting emotion echoes Taoist and Buddhist beliefs that for 40 days (approximately 6 weeks) after the death of a person, his or her spirit is in a state of transition and just as medical science and post “near death” interviews have revealed that the person dying is conscious of what is going on around them. There is a dominant global cross-cultural belief that his period of time, 40 days, the person is in transition. In the Tibetan tradition, this is called moving through the Bardos.

In New Orleans, the tradition of a Jazz Funeral combining eulogies, music, banquet and festive drinking is also a blueprint for the celebration of release.

In English, these traditions are variously called wakes, funerals.

We understand the human need for marking these moments and remembering them with.

Weddings are sacred moments when the whispers of your heart are answered by the echo of another. These are the events that echo through eternity, and most importantly provide you with joy in this moment!

New Thought provides the tools to celebrate your divine destiny with that special someone. Within each soul is the longing for companionship, understanding and love which is independent of time or space.

Wonderful Weddings

There are words which suit every occasion
These are the words that echo with truth of the occasion.
Phrases that find a place within memory.
Elevating the heart, enlighting the mind,
We carry them with us throughout our lives.

Design your own ceremony. Scripting it the way desire. Or engage professionals to do it for you!

  • The magic of the moments that we see in the movies occur because of scripting and rehearsal
  • Be the producer, director and star within the most important occasion of your life!
  • “The whole world is a stage, and all the men and women merely actors. [We] have [our] exits and [our] entrances, and in [our] lifetime [we] will play many parts,”
  • This is YOUR moment and a good minister will work with you to manifest your dreams!

Everything is possible: “Whatever you can conceive and believe can be achieved.”