Indigenous New Thought


The oldest form of New Thought is the Navajo Blessing Way.

The Blessing Way [Hózhó jí] is a way of moving through life with a powerful attitude of gratitude manifesting strength, good health and blessings for all, which includes oneself.

“New Thought is based upon Universal Spiritual Principles which transcend any single religion or spiritual path.  In contrast to old style religions which often depend upon the revelation of one individual, New Thought embraces the truth embodied within all cultures.”

This tradition of the great Diné (Navajo) people demonstrate the fact that no culture has a monopoly on truth or offers the “best” way to approach life.  For thousands of years, after the lapse of the original Partnership cultures, groups of people sought to impose their beliefs and ways of living through violence.  In 1948, the highest spiritual teaching thus far, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was manifested.

Indigenous New Thought is a powerful New Thought tradition which contains a broad spectrum of traditions ranging from the aforementioned Diné / Naabeehó (notable for the Blessing Way) to Nordo-Celtic New Thought and Sami Spiritual Teachings. While the Blessing Way has been referred to as the oldest New Thought form in continuous existence, this contention is not as important as the existence of the various forms of thought throughout the world rooted within unique cultures and finding compassionate expression in alignment with the Universal New Thought Principles of the New Millennium detailed above. There are many wonderful spiritual expressions from people around the world rooted within their respective cultures and thereby supporting the perpetuation of a delightful variety of human identity. Practitioners of indigenous New Thought usually have strong spiritual practices including chanting meditation and explorations of sacred ceremonies with a reverence for mother nature.

Sadly not all cultures are respected by outsiders and there are some very beautiful cultures which have lost touch with the love that is essential for them to flourish. History is replete with instances of this phenomena providing ample examples of the collapse of cultures through invasion or self-sponsored colonization. Sometimes self-sponsored colonization occurs when a society does not nurture the well being of its citizens and imports outsiders to act as low paid wage slaves instead of providing ample wages to attract native citizens to do those jobs. Thus the seeds of self-destruction are not sown by outsiders, but by insiders who do not demonstrate the necessary respect for their fellow human beings which would result in the provision of proper remuneration and social support.

Guided by Universal Spiritual Principles

New Thought is a unique spiritual path, not because it demands belief in superstition or a particular pattern of expression, but because guided by Universal Spiritual Principles and recognizing the UDHR as the highest spiritual expression, New Thought adherents strive together in the present to create a more compassion world in which every soul can fully express itself while in this shared reality we call life.

All New Thought Streams contribute to the greatest Spiritual Stream of all: the River of Life

As long as spiritual expressions support the highest spiritual truth thus far manifested which is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), they are welcome aspects of New Thought Today. All New Thought Streams contribute to the great River of Life which is the greatest treasure that humanity shares. Whether this life is defined in terms of science, or viewed through the lens of spirituality, when it is lived with compassion it is a gift to all.