The Thrall


We remind all readers that through love of New Thought and illumination of the truth of the evolution of this spiritual path, we are seeing record numbers of New Thought adherents. We appreciate your financial support helping us continue this work.

Our early efforts were not informed by an awareness of the distortions and deviations from the original New Thought teachings which occurred in the latter half of the 20th Century and are now termed “late New Thought.” As we built these resources and were joined by others in expanding them, we discovered increasing amounts of important texts which reveal the truth of New Thought origins, the importance of primal New Thought and why New Thought is such a powerful spiritual path.

As mentioned above, since 1999, 49% of New Thought Centers have closed. These closures are due to sad and useless deviations on the part of some late New Thought leaders away from the original principles and core concepts of New Thought.

New Thought Millennials call this phenomena: The Thrall.  Perhaps the thrall occurred due to a lack of knowledge about original New Thought, perhaps this lack was encouraged through “Folklore” and “Mythologies” which supported particular institutions or points of view but did not serve New Thought Seekers and were not in alignment with original New Thought principles and core concepts.  Whatever led to The Thall is not as important as the fact that through recognizing it, we can place it firmly in the past as an aberration and remember it as a lesson for the future.

Those who fell under the Thrall embraced FU-ism, “Prosperity Gospels,”and at times deviated so far from the original tenets of New Thought as to embrace Eddyism / Illusionism.   As our research shows, early New Thought adherents rejected Eddyism / Illusionism and her teachings which were characterized by narcissism.   The Late New Thought leaders who fell under the Thrall were like zombie orb weaver spiders turned into slaves by parasitic wasp larva which causes them to deviate from highest good, then die in the ignoble cause of building the larva’s cocoon.  Their communities slowly died due to zombie adherence to FU-ism etc…

respect, equality, freedom, peace, justice

Early New Thought leaders embraced the core concepts of co-creation, human rights and scientific thinking which included embracing evolution leading to the concept of spiritual evolution which teaches that not only do life forms evolve, so do thought forms.

For Eddyism / Illusionism to be included in New Thought, we would have to go against Mary Baker Eddy’s own teachings which reject such an inclusion.  Then we would have to reject the multitude of extant works which point out the absolute absurdity of Christian Science / Eddyism and point out the huge differences between New Thought versus Eddyism.  Such a leap would entail using folklore and mythology to forward such a distortion.  The consequence of such distortions are not pretty.  In fact this is why New Thought Millennials call such absurdities: The Thrall.

New Thought is at times called “Truth Teaching” because Universal Spiritual Principles grounded within Ancient Wisdom confirmed by scientific thought are empowering truths which support people to be happier and healthier.

This is why The Thrall represents a temporary degeneration from original New Thought teachings with the dire consequence of dramatic shrinkage of attendance at late New Thought communities led by ministers under The Thrall.

Teachings which encourage callousness, lead to inhumane behaviors that culminate in the abuse of human rights and a degeneration of civil society; such teachings are not New Thought teachings.

New Thought 3.1 is growing and thriving because of its embrace of the UDHR, inclusive understanding of Universal Spiritual Principles, and science as a way of thinking.

Attendance is fading at late New Thought centers whose leaders fell under what New Thought Millennials call “the thrall“. The Thrall resulted in the closing of over 49% of New Thought communities since 1999.  New Thought Millennials feel the decline in attendance at late New Thought Communities  is simply the function of Spiritual Evolution eliminating those leaders less fit to provide proper leadership.

New Thought 3.1 has more adherents by percentage and numbers than any of the late New Thought forms.  As today’s New Thought leadership awakens from the thrall and returns to the Universal Spiritual Principles / Truth Teachings, attendance at New Thought communities will grow.