New Thought Beliefs


New Thought is based on Universal Spiritual Principles

which undergird all spiritual paths and religions. New Thought recognizes that the driving force which serves as a crucible for personal transformation is “as we change our thinking, we change our lives.”

The 1914 book Message of New Thought defines New Thought spirituality as “a term used to convey the idea of growing or developing thought. In considering this subject, the word ‘New’ should be duly and freely emphasized, because the expression ‘New Thought’ relates only to what is new and progressive.”

While there is some wonderful folklore regarding the origins of New Thought, New Thought is a spiritual path or movement formed primarily by Suffragettes and Abolitionists guided by Core Concepts which include: co-creation, human rights and scientific thinking.

There are many wonderful New Thought organizations with diverse root texts and a variety of approaches to those texts and distinct methods of teaching.

Explore different New Thought beliefs and choose the approach that best suits you. While we are aware that the majority of people who choose New Thought as a spiritual path and way of living do not find a New Thought Community that suits their sensibilities, we encourage you to visit the different centers listed in the Universal New Thought directory system websites such as  Readers should be aware that quite a number of New Thought Centers are unable to sponsor updates or upgrades to the listings pertaining to their centers.

Their leaders “tithe” to their parent organizations thus when it comes to Universal New Thought Resources such as which support the journey of new seekers, they prefer to subsist on charity.

The basic charity listings within the Universal New Thought Directory system have the name and address of each New Thought Center or organization.  So if a listing is neglected meaning that no one at that community has stepped up to be the responsible steward of that listing, copy and paste the name of the center into a search engine, get a phone number for that center and call before you visit.

When you visit a New Thought Center we trust you find:

  • warm and welcoming people;
  • joyful, participative events celebrating life, love and compasssionate action;
  • a sacred space for prayer;
  • support for you wherever you are on your spiritual path;
  • inspiring messages;
  • Spiritual Directors who listen;
  • high-quality, contemporary, high-energy music ministry;
  • children are welcomed;
  • a variety of fun, engaging classes, workshops and activities;
  • a center that is constantly evolving, learning and transforming as you evolve, in a loving process within a compassionate community.

After your visit, share your experience

Keep in mind that if you in the United States, there may also be financial reason that a New Thought Community does not update or upgrade the listing pertaining to their center.  The U.S. is not an advanced capitalist economy like Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark or Austria in which the people have high wages, Universal Health Care and proper retirement.   Tourists who visit the USA are aware of the fact that most Americans have very little disposable income.  While Great Britain and the United States share low wages and living standard below the above mentioned nations, the United States is exceptional because of the fact that in U.S. a single health care emergency can mean bankruptcy for the average American.

It is not unusual for New Thought Communities to be small groups of 40 to 60 people and for the average age to be above 40.   If you find a community that you enjoy, you can always help them demonstrate a higher level of prosperity consciousness by becoming their community sponsor.   It is a fully anonymous system so it is within your power to share your compassionate action or not.   One of the benefits of being a sponsor is that as you discover the wonderful people within a community.  As the sponsor you can direct the button links within the listing to the people at that New Thought Community who you feel best embody the New Thought values you love.

Guiding New Thought Principles

New Thought Principles of the New Millennium

  • 1. We affirm the Divine as That That Is, Good, Mind, Infinite Being, Spirit, Ultimate Reality.
  • 2. We affirm that the name we give the Divine does not define, nor change the truth, rather names only define the giver and his or her relationship to reality.
  • 3. We affirm that the Divine is Good, is love, supreme, universal, and everlasting.
  • 4. We affirm the unity of humanity with the Divine, in that the divine nature dwells within and expresses through each of us, by means of our acceptance of it, as Good including health, supply, wisdom, love, life, truth, power, beauty, and peace.
  • 5. We affirm the power and potency of meditation and spiritual practices.
  • 6. We affirm the capacity of each person to have divine and mystical experiences, and enjoy Divine Grace.
  • 7. We affirm the primacy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as the highest collective spiritual expression of humanity thus far.
  • 8. We celebrate the diversity of the global genome and within our species by being the Divine loving and compassionate presence in all that we do and through seeing the Divine in all whom we encounter.
  • 9. We affirm the Divine as a creative force defined through co-creation, therefore all souls are responsible to insure their being is one that contributes to highest good.
  • 10. We affirm that we are living in an energetic spiritual universe composed of energy vibrating at different speeds. Our universe is under-girded by laws which we seek to understand through science and art, including physics, mathematics and oral and written expressions such as poetry, drama and storytelling.
  • 11. We affirm that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and as we come into alignment with the laws of the universe, we harmonize with That That is and can thus heal, prosper, and live in balance and peace.
  • 12. We affirm that our mental states are carried forward into manifestation and become our experience in daily living.
  • 13. We affirm the truth of Spiritual Evolution as out-pictured through physical evolution and that this evolution is both universal and individual as evidenced by our evolving consciousness which is both defined and reflected by our beliefs.
  • 14. We affirm the expression of the highest spiritual principle is found in unconditional love, mutual respect for the Universal Human Rights as defined in the UDHR.
  • 15. We affirm that the deepest truth and highest wisdom is expressed through compassionate action which promotes highest good; that through sharing New Thought principles, focusing on health and harmony, we are creating heaven on earth right now.
  • 16. We affirm that the various cultures throughout the world have manifested teachers which have taught principles that can be ascertained to be valid through the consciousness such Ancient Wisdom promotes and the actions that result from such consciousness.
  • 17. We affirm the truth of the teaching “As above, so below,” meaning that it is up to us to co-create and cooperate in confirming the manifestation of the “Kingdom of Heaven” here and now through our consciousness and compassionate action.


This basic premise of New Thought, that Divine is Good and Omnipresent is based upon universal spiritual principles as demonstrated and taught by historical figures such as Buddha, Danika, Lao Tzu, and Yesua / Jesus. It is understood there are many “Wayshowers.” The strength of the teaching of a particular Wayshower is demonstrated through the consciousness and actions of the followers of that path. The adherents of each spiritual path are collectively responsible to the rest of humanity and all life to insure that the expression of their path is not abusive or violent nor violates the rights of other beings.

New Thought is inclusive and draws on the wisdom of all traditions that teach the truth of our Unity with the Divine, or as New Thought Diests might say: “God/Good and the omnipresence of God/Good.”

Explore the Rainbow of New Thought Beliefs / Discover your Truth!

While the majority of New Thought adherents choose to express their beliefs as solitary practitioners, fellowship is deemed good for the soul.  New Thought supports us on our individual journey of personal spiritual evolution.  If you find a wonderful New Thought Community near you, consider helping them by sponsoring the listing pertaining to their center.  Since 1999, over 49% of New Thought Centers have closed.  They need your help to manage their footprints on the world wide web.


  1. This is a great article, I found a number of New Thought Centers in my area through I always wondered why some listings were not up to date. I realize now that the leaders of those centers simply don’t care about promoting their centers. I must say that my favorite site in your portfolio is but this Zine is good because it clears up a lot of questions that I had. I often wonder why New Thought speakers seem to cobble together talks with some new book, or books they found and then throw in some bible stuff but rarely use the vast wealth of Eastern Wisdom. I will keep looking here and maybe comment some more. Flower Power

  2. While most daily decisions aren’t a matter of life and death, I think we often make uncertain choices with incomplete information. Those decisions can help or harm ourselves or others. It is easy to become paralyzed.

    As the poker champion Annie Drake writes, luck can make wise decisions go wrong and bad decisions look wise.

    The concept of luck is antithetical to New Thought, which reflects the American worship of confidence, certainty and can-do optimism. New Thought is evolving and changing as the movement is joined by millions across the globe.

    Ernest Holmes wrote in The Science of Mind textbook, “There is Something within me that goes before me and prepares the way wherever I go —- making straight the way, making perfect the way, making… harmonious every situation.”

    I was fresh out of university and starting my first job as a reporter when I read these words. And I was scared to death of the uncertainty of a new job and whether I was good enough to succeed. I took these words of Holmes to heart and very literally. It was my answer to the frightening uncertainty. And despite constantly affirming these words, this job was anything but harmonious. Every twist of fate from a combative colleague to something as innocuous as a grumpy interviewee I took as evidence of not having the “right” consciousness. After all I had “created” these situations.

    Superstition is common among newbies and followers of what is termed “Late New Thought.” As one grows in consciousness deeper truth is revealed. There is much work to be done and thoughts to be shared to support the growth of New Thought.

    Great magazine!

    Check out


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