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Reset Your Mind
Question Reality! Reset your mind!

The New Thought movement is over 150 years old. Variously described as a Spiritual Path, philosophy, way of life and religion, it has a broad spectrum of organizations.  

New Thought was outlined and described over 100 years ago in Abel Allen’s 1914 Message of New Thought:

NEW THOUGHT is not, as many believe, a name or expression employed to define any fixed system of thought, philosophy, or religion, but is a term used to convey the idea of growing or developing thought. In considering this subject, the word “New” should be duly and freely emphasized, because the expression “New Thought” relates only to what is new and progressive.
Chapter One – New Thought Defined
New Thought News is news we can use 

New Thought principles include:

  • ~ The name we give the Divine does not define, nor change the truth, rather names only define the giver and his or her relationship to reality.
  • ~ People are partners with the divine, co-creating with the Divine, not victims subject to the whims of a God with a borderline personality.
  • ~ People are not predestined according to some hidden plan.
  • ~ People are personally responsible for themselves and to work together. The excuse of “God’s Will” is no longer valid and never was.
  • ~ Human Rights, including Freedom of Thought, are intrinsic to all people.

Despite the elegance and beauty of this spiritual truth, after the Second World War the institutions comprising the “organized religion” part of the New Thought movement began to struggle.

New Thought was “verboten” (forbidden) by the Nazis and Fascists during World War Two.   The Italian Fascists wanted to resurrect an Italian past which would support grinding the regular folk under the heel of what Mussolini called the “Ownership Class.”  Hitler wanted the regular people to adore and serve him.  There was no room

After his doctor introduced him to this brand of methamphetamine:

Hitler became Germany’s version of the Insane Clown President.

Take note of the brand name: “Pervertin.” Traditionally, “branding” is meant to convey ownership and also the deeper meaning of a product.

In this case it is clear. Take Pervertin and become perverted.

Hitler’s henchman Goebbels was a great believer in “branding” and the manipulation of news media through lies and confabulations. If Goebbels was living today, he would be in charge of his own Faux News network.  Goebbels was one of the people who hated Freedom of Thought.

It is easy to understand why traditional New Thought and its adherents would be targeted by extreme political movements.

  1. New Thought includes Human Rights
  2. New Thought teaches that all people are equally worthy.
  3. New Thought is based on Universal Spiritual Principles
  4. New Thought teaches people to Question Reality.

In a regime heavily dependent on manipulating the people into believing its Faux News propaganda, the admonition to:

Question Reality!

is tantamount to questioning the state.

In 1914, at the dawn of World War One, Abel Allen published a book called: The Message of New Thought.  Chapter 10 begins:

“Truth is the one reality in the universe,
the Inward Harmony, the Perfect Justice, the eternal Love.
Nothing can be added to it, nor taken from it. It does not depend
upon any man, but all men depend upon it.”

~ Swami Vivekananda

THE supreme purpose of religion is to teach man to live a normal life. Ethics and religion cannot be divorced; they go hand in hand, they supplement each other.

The best religion teaches the purest ethics. Only from true religion can pure ethics flow. The religion that is not ethical, that does not teach the highest morality, is not true. When we discover a religion of absolute truth, we shall possess a code of perfect ethics.

Truth is constructive; error is destructive. Truth alone is ethical; error is unethical. Truth expands the mind; error contracts it. Truth alone prepares the mind for the reception of more truth; error, however innocently espoused, unfits it for the reception of truth.

The New Thought core concept of co-creation is directly linked with the principle of action in alignment with highest good.

The New Thought spiritual path is both thoughtful and mindful.   This is why New Thought believers were sent to Auschwitz.    Dictatorships rely upon people who do NOT questions reality.    Dictatorships and tyranny relies upon the “sheeple” who eagerly devour faux news which prompts them to attack the constitution and promote distorted religious values in place of Human Rights.

This is why it is important to:

Question Reality!

When the reader makes a genuine exploration of the history of New Thought, reaching beyond the propaganda and folklore created to support organizations intent on promoting themselves, the truth illuminates a power spiritual path which teaches us

many of these basic principles had been cast aside. The result were wide spread deviations from the higher thought that characterized original New Thought teachings.

How do adherents deal with errors like the “Prosperity Gospels” & “blaming the victim”?


Tao # 81 / Unlimited Supply


Real journalism is not elegant.
Beautiful propaganda is not news.

The sage has no need for credentials,
since he has nothing to prove.

Those with something to prove are not wise
though their walls may be plastered with degrees.
Lacking in compassion they often live lies
selling false teachings for fees.

The sage does not hold back or hoard,
he freely shares his wisdom
and thus gains your support.

He joyfully tithes and thus has unlimited supply.
earning our trust with a twinkling eye
sharing himself, thus you know why
he is always happy.

Just as the universe has unlimited space and energy,
the master benefits all and contends with no one.



How are New Thought adherents dealing with the wide spread errors that manifested during the Late 20th Century?

While New Thought is a spiritual path that embraces science, Human Rights, and the core concept of co-creation, toward the end of the 20th Century, some New Thought leaders substituted facile teachings such as the “Prosperity Gospels” and “blaming the victim,” in place of the deeper thoughtful teachings of their founders.

Readers familiar with these errors often pose questions:

Were these New Thought leaders seeking to grow their congregations?
Were some New Thought leaders seeking to increase donations?
What led to these errors?

The answer to the first two questions is “Yes.”

These odd deviations from Original New Thought Spiritual Teachings became known as “Late New Thought.”

The answer to “What led to these errors?” is more complex:

While serving thousands of New Thought Communities through the, over the decades it was observed that growth and higher “tithing” levels were the basis for most deviations from Original New Thought Spiritual Teachings. These odd aberrations taught by New Thought practitioners, teachers and ministers at a wide range of New Thought Centers including individuals from Unity and Religious Science (which has since changed its name to Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) became known as “Late New Thought.”

Substitution of Ayn Rand’s Philosophy for New Thought

The wisdom of Co-creation teaches that we are all in this life together and by recognizing our interdependence, together we can manifest a more compassionate world. The energy of the Unified Field (Universe) flows through all things at all times, thus the meaning of the expression “the kingdom is within,” addresses this truth. Consequently we are tasked to work with each other to manifest a more compassionate world.
in lieu of “highest good,” some teachers promulgated the ideas of Ayn Rand


In contrast to this teaching, promoters of “Late New Thought” pushed the view that seekers desiring more wealth could give money to their spiritual source (meaning the spiritual center:) and whatever they gave would be multiplied. Seekers desiring happiness need only rid themselves of a “victim mentality” then they would transcend to mastery and thus victorious success. In some cases, in lieu of the New Thought principle of “highest good,” some teachers promulgated the ideas of Ayn Rand. Seekers were told: “poverty is a disease which cannot be cured with empathy” and “poverty is a state of mind, once you transform the mind to ‘prosperity consciousness’ the poor will be healed of the disease.”

Even Institutes Fell Into Basic Errors akin to Fundamentalism

The insightful reader would think that the institutes created by people like the Holmes brothers (Fenwicke and Ernest), who came from economically challenged backgrounds depicted in great dramatic works such as Eugene O’Neill’s Desire Under the Elms (which was one of the works for which O’Neill was awarded the 1936 Nobel Prize for Literature), would manage to maintain the truth of their founders while enfolding new wisdom such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), recognized today as the greatest Spiritual Wisdom to come to humanity through humanity.

In fact, isn’t all Spiritual Wisdom manifested through a human being, whether that person claims a “Divine Revelation” or like Ernest Holmes explains that his wisdom was the result of careful exploration and integration of the teachings of others?

Sadly, instead of remaining true to original New Thought Spirituality, some instructors at these institutions began to substitute their own ideas which unfortunately failed to enfold the higher truths embodied within the original New Thought teachings. Although Human Rights were always an essential part of New Thought Spirituality, these institutions failed to enfold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) into their training, while at the same time ignoring important insights provided by the expanding knowledge of Spiritual Paths outside of Abrahamic and Vedic spirituality.