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Divine is one of my favorite New Thought sites.  Here is why:

Tao # 8 / H2O


your true path
like water flows,
dissolves, dances,
falls, rises,
is one with everything

Water is essential to life
it carries and supplies
the essence within
and life all around

soft water breaks the hardest stone
yet without it we would just be bones

white water
black water
grey water
water does not judge its use
to serve, content to be, in truth

Be as water
as you are,
flowing to where you go
unafraid of high or low

Rise as steam and fall as rain
laugh with pleasure
accept the pain

shallow puddles are lifted by the wind
but mighty lakes and oceans
remain centered and still within
their hidden depths even
though the winds
whip up their surface

vessels move upon the face
of the Ocean, Sea, or Lake
the mighty waters
hold them in totality
a wake that fades away
soon leaving no trace
water takes on all shapes
within submerged embrace

build your house on firm foundations
let the depth of your heart be as the ocean

be a friend who is caring and genuine
speak sincerely, rooted in compassion

Wise leaders are ethical and just
loving peace and competence
skill, ability, effectiveness

there is a time and season,
for the success of every action
a time to sow, a time to reap
a time to wake, a time to sleep

let your way be as the way of water
running deep and filled with peace
do not struggle or compete
go with the flow and be serene

Water is essential to life
Be essential in your life
know you are always flowing
to the source of your being

  • What can the cycle of water teach us?
  • What is white water, black water and grey water?
  • Why is it important to build on a firm foundation?
  • How important is water to life on earth?
  • Why do intelligent cultures protect their water supplies from pollution, contamination and destruction?

“Water is a teacher rising from the sea, falling from the sky, returning to the source, even in seeming separation always united within the whole.

We evolve in much the same way as the passage of water. In a circle, we move from birth toward death to be born again. Our energy never dies. Water is the essence of life. It flows through our veins and makes up most of our bodies, without it we would be a mass of dust.

When we move through life, we should be as water and embrace all that we meet without being judgmental. It is wise to look for the deepest values, those values which manifest highest good.

We should build on firm foundations, be informed about what is going on in the world and yet be forgiving and kind. Building our lives upon a foundation of compassion and loving communication to ourselves and others.

Going with the flow and not fighting the current, or the past, we transform with ease and through love. ~

The site is chock full of wonderful poems like this and they are accompanied with insights from a New Thought perspective.

I even taught several classes from them.

Recently I had a chance to interview the writer of the

An Interview with Dr. Avalon de Rossett



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