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“clarion call to consciousness,
embracing mindfulness,
knowing that thoughtfulness
and compassionate action manifests a world of mutual respect,
shared peace and prosperity.”

There is a growing audio collection enabling supporters to listen to works as we go about our daily lives. New Thought Library supports an open link policy!

Users can link to any page, to share with friends, or to create citations for papers.

We are reflections of the Divine
The entire universe is included in each moment; and each moment permeates the entire universe. Each moment is a particle of dust that possesses the elements of all lands in the universe, or a drop of water whose essence differs in no way from the vast ocean itself. ~ Nichikan Shonin

What is the best way to learn about New Thought?

How can we learn about New Thought history and New Thought Today?

One of the best ways is  the New Thought Library.

“What’s the best way to explore the New Thought Archives?”

Learn New Thought and about the history of New Thought at your own pace on any device.

One way to explore New Thought is choose a particular New Thought path, then read the books pertaining to that New Thought approach.

Attracted to Science of Mind? Read the books of John Bascom, Ernest & Fenwicke Holmes, Jane Yarnall, Thomson Hudson & Thomas Troward.

there is a spectrum of approaches to learning New Thought.

Schools of New Thought include: Abrahamic New Thought, Buddhist New Thought, Vedic New Thought, Taoist New Thought, Science of Mind, Mental Science and Religious Science which is the Holmes brothers deriviation of Science of Mind.

Reset Your Mind
Question Reality!
Reset your mind!

It should also be noted that New Thought is by definition always evolving and no individual path within the movement can be considered the “right” or “best” path because the only right or best path is the one which is right and best for you. In fact, Abel Allen, Elizabeth Towne and most of the luminaries of early New Thought will repeatedly remind us to “call no one master” because each person must ultimately forge his or her own path.

Regardless of where one decides to begin New Thought history, this approach can lead to wonderful and positive insights.

New Thought Library suggests you begin your journey into the literature of New Thought with Abel Allen’s work: The Message of New Thought

The Master Librarian is developing reading lists to support different approaches to exploring New Thought via these New Thought Archives..

People often start their exploration of New Thought at the New Thought Library then click on the links to the Universal New Thought Directory system to find New Thought Centers in order to explore fellowship opportunities.

Awake the higher self

The library exists to support everyone. It is growing and thriving because it is supported by those of us who give a bit of what we have so that it supports those who have nothing to give.

One of the ways to support New Thought Library is by sponsoring one of the   New Thought Communities which are in Charity status.  You would be surprised how many New Thought Centers need your support.  Help people find their center by sponsoring a listing.  Simply go to  the New Thought Support Site and get the ball rolling for your favorite New Thought Center, or even one that you just want to help for the sake of helping.

Be loving, be kind, be the solution to their challenge.

We believe strongly that archives of physical texts must be created in several geographically distinct areas with special regard to climate control in order to insure their long term survival in the event of climactic, geographic, social or political upheaval.

Jefferson understood that information is not wisdom. Wisdom comes from the ability to use information to discern compassionate solutions. Rote memorization of texts, including New Thought texts does not generate wisdom. The difference between training to accomplish a specific task and education is that a proper education enables a person to come up with solutions to enable the accomplishment of many tasks.

  • “I feel… an ardent desire to see knowledge so disseminated through the mass of mankind that it may, at length, reach even the extremes of society: beggars and kings.” –Thomas Jefferson: Reply to American Philosophical Society, 1808.
  • “The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate.” – Thomas Jefferson
  • “I know no safe depositary of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.” –Thomas Jefferson to W. Jarvis, 1820.
  • “The information of the people at large can alone make them the safe as they are the sole depositary of our political and religious freedom.” –Thomas Jefferson to William Duane, 1810.

The main purpose of the New Thought Library is not the physical collection of books or materials. We are building a multimedia archive of content which insures the preservation and transmission of the ideas or memes which support the liberation of the mind, body and soul. We continue to support the creation and maintenance of physical collections especially when these collections are archived in the system and are a public resource.

We are constantly improving access to New Thought books and teachings world wide. We do our work on a tithing and donation basis believing that together we are building a more compassionate world right now!