New Thought 3.1 embraces compassionate action


New Thought 3.1 embraces compassionate action
New Thought teaches that change begins within, and New Thought adherents have a responsibility to co-create a more compassionate world. New Thought leaders are tasked to be life long learners who understand that Wisdom is manifested through the combination of knowledge with compassion. This is clearly evinced by Abel Allen’s 1914 Message of New Thought.

New Thought 3.1 embraces compassionate action


  1. 7 years ago, I was a member of a New Thought Center for Spiritual Living but after I was assaulted, I was basically told it was my fault. So I stopped going. It is odd and painful to be told that what someone else does is your fault. I like the way you are able to separate New Thought from what you call “Late New Thought.” When it is explained, it becomes obvious why I am at a different New Thought Community. Thank you.

  2. I don’t know. It seems up and down, in and out. Yes, change begins within. I find a lot of compassion at the New Thought Centers I attend, but I have also found ego and “shame and blame” at some. I think people have to find their spiritual home. Perhaps some people prefer “shame and blame” and need it.


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