The Secret to Prosperity

Money is energy

Our prosperity as a society depends upon the personal financial prosperity of each of us as individuals.   Opportunity and education are essential for all.

It is said that true prosperity is being happy, healthy and surrounded by loving friends and family.   When this is combined with tasty nutritious food and a shared ethos of caring and sharing then one is living the prosperous life regardless of the amounts in your accounts.

Personal success means accomplishments as the result of our own efforts and abilities.  The success of a society is the result of intelligent organization and recognition that we are all part of an interdependent network.

We manifest personal prosperity; then through taxation we give back to our society so that better infrastructure can be built and social institutions supported.

Our acts can be no wiser than our thoughts. Our thinking can be no wiser than our understanding.

Proper preparation is the key to our success.

This is why one of the core values of New Thought is life long learning.   When Maya Angelou was a child, some people told her “don’t bother reading … there ain’t nothing helpful in books.”   These are the voices of oppression pushing a message that “ignorance is bliss.”  Ignorance is not bliss.  What you don’t know can hurt you.

respect, equality, freedom, peace, justice, etc …

“In the pages of history there lives no city more glamorous than Babylon. Its very name conjures visions of wealth and splendor. Its treasures of gold and jewels were fabulous. One naturally pictures such a wealthy city as located in a suitable setting of tropical luxury, surrounded by rich natural resources of forests, and mines. Such was not the case. It was located beside the Euphrates River, in a flat, arid valley. It had no forests, no mines — not even stone for building. It was not even located upon a natural trade-route. The rainfall was insufficient to raise crops.

Babylon possessed just two natural resources — a fertile soil and water in the river. With one of the greatest engineering accomplishments of this or any other day, Babylonian engineers diverted the waters from the river by means of dams and immense irrigation canals. Far out across that arid valley went these canals to pour the life giving waters over the fertile soil. This ranks among the first engineering feats known to history. Such abundant crops as were the reward of this irrigation system the world had never seen before.”

Peace and Prosperity go hand in Hand

“The outstanding rulers of Babylon live in history because of their wisdom, enterprise and justice. Babylon produced no strutting monarchs who sought to conquer the known world that all nations might pay homage to their egotism.”

“In addition to irrigating the valley lands, Babylonian engineers completed another project of similar magnitude. By means of an elaborate drainage system they reclaimed an immense area of swamp land at the mouths of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers and put this also under cultivation.”

Live Long and Prosper!

The people of Babylon and their leaders understood the core New Thought principle of co-creation.  They worked together to achieve a higher standard of living for all their citizens.

The downfall of Babylon came when they focused on waging war instead of maintaining their defenses and insuring their shared prosperity.

“Advisors of Nabonidus, the King of Babylon, persuaded him to go forth to meet Cyrus and give him battle without waiting for the city to be besieged. In the succeeding defeat to the Babylonian army, it fled away from the city. Cyrus, thereupon, entered the open gates and took possession without resistance.”

“The eons of time have crumbled to dust the proud walls of its temples, but the wisdom of Babylon endures.

Fans = Money = Fans
  • Money is the medium by which earthly success is measured.
  • Money makes possible the enjoyment of the best the earth affords.
  • Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition.
  • Money is governed today by the same laws which controlled it when prosperous men thronged the streets of Babylon, six thousand years ago.”

Notice that there is no mumbo jumbo about “Money being God….”   Money is defined simply as a medium.

New Thought = Freedom from Fear, Freedom to Love

In The Richest Man in Babylon, George Clason shares Seven Cures for a Lean Purse.

“Now I shall tell thee the first remedy I learned to cure a lean purse.

Do exactly as I have suggested to the egg merchant. For every ten coins thou placest within thy purse take out for use but nine. Thy purse will start to fatten at once and its increasing weight will feel good in thy hand and bring satisfaction to thy soul.”

“This, then, is the second cure for a lean purse. Budget thy expenses that thou mayest have coins to pay for thy necessities, to pay for thy enjoyments and to gratify thy worthwhile desires without spending more than ninetenths of thy earnings.”

“This, then, is the third cure for a lean purse: to put each coin to laboring that it may reproduce its kind even as the flocks of the field and help bring to thee income, a stream of wealth that shall flow constantly into thy purse.”

New Thought loving life people freedom UDHR

Gold slippeth away from the man who invests it in businesses or purposes with which he is not familiar or which are not approved by those skilled in its keep.

To the man who hath gold, yet is not skilled in its handling, many uses for it appear most profitable. Too often these are fraught with danger of loss, and if properly analyzed by wise men, show small possibility of profit. Therefore, the inexperienced owner of gold who trusts to his own judgment and invests it in business or purposes with which he is not familiar, too often finds his judgment imperfect, and pays with his treasure for his inexperience. Wise, indeed is he who investeth his treasures under the advice of men skilled In the ways of gold.”

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  1. I love this: ““a term used to convey the idea of growing or developing thought. In considering this subject, the word “New” should be duly and freely emphasized, because the expression “New Thought” relates only to what is new and progressive.”

    It is amazing that it was written in 1914. It give hope to those of us seeking a spiritual path which is progressive and compassionate. There is so much BS out there and this is much better because it includes the UDHR.

  2. I have noticed that these kind of things at some spiritual centers, but I kept searching through the directory and found a good New Thought Community. They are not so advanced as to have the UDHR on the wall, but I will probably by a poster and give it to the center. I live in a big city so there are a number of New Thought Centers.


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