Odd “Ticket System” belief holds people choose their “future life” at a ticket bureau.


While original New Thought teaches us that:

we are all interconnected and interdependent; through training the mind & understanding the dynamic fuel of emotion, together we can transform any condition,

some folks created a new form of determinism. This form of determinism is predicated upon the belief that everything in a person’s life is predetermined.  Life has already happened and people are simply leaping into the space-time continuum inhabiting different lives to go through different experiences.

The Ticket System

The ultimate extension of this is the odd disempowering teaching promotes the belief that people choose their lives at a “future life” ticket bureau.  You go into the bureau and various tickets are available.  You might choose to become a genuinely abusive person, or to become a deeply caring person.  You might choose the life of a King, or the life of a slave.

Proponents explain that “really painful and difficult lives are actually some of the best life packages because you are able to release a great deal of karma.”

The “Ticket System” provides its adherents with a novel form of determinism which supports the FU-ist philosophy. After all, “if everyone has chosen their lives, then oppressed or abused people chose to be victims.”

It also serves to depersonalize living people because in the Ticket System everyone you encounter has chosen this life and after they return to the Ticket Bureau they will choose another, then another.