Odd deviations from traditional New Thought echoed early colonial ministers


FU-ists also taught beliefs such as “the rich are wealthy because they are blessed by God.” This, along with other teachings, echoed early colonial ministers whose sermons were responsible for crimes such as the Salem Witch Trials.

FU-ists began teaching things like “the rich are wealthy because they are blessed by God.”

It became common when attending New Thought Spiritual Living Center with FU-ist leadership to hear the term: “Stinking Thinking.” This was applied to any in attendance who had not managed to master the way to prosperity in accordance with FU-ist philosophy. One Religious Science minister who had visited Brazil proposed in a Sunday Sermon that “the reason there are so many poor children in the city of Sao Paolo is because the children are possessed of ‘poverty consciousness.’”

There is no excuse for blaming children.

Thank goodness, intelligence and compassion, (or perhaps shrinking attendance), for the fact that in recent years, at least one New Thought denomination: CSL has at least begun paying lip service to addressing this dreadful deviation from original New Thought teachings through the formulation of a “Global Heart Vision” which proposes the creation of a “world that works for everyone.” Is this enough? Will it also be accompanied by an upgrade in training?


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