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What is New Thought?

What is New Thought versus "late New Thought"?

New Thought is a spiritual path or movement formed primarily by Suffragettes. Abolitionists and Free Thinkers guided by Core Concepts which include: co-creation, human rights and scientific thinking.

New Thought teachings are based on the observation of Universal Spiritual Principles undergirding all spiritual paths and religions. New Thought recognizes that the driving force which serves as a crucible for personal and social transformation is "as we change our thinking, we change our lives."   This is the same principle which underpins cognitive psychology.

The 1914 book Message of New Thought defines New Thought spirituality as "a term used to convey the idea of growing or developing thought. In considering this subject, the word "New" should be duly and freely emphasized, because the expression "New Thought" relates only to what is new and progressive." 

While there is some wonderful folklore regarding the orgins of New Thought, New Thought history is not as simple as some would depict it, nor as complex as others choose to make it.  

These core concepts of original New Thought are the basis of New Thought Today / New Thought 3.1 and provide the reason why New Thought Millennials embrace the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) for guidance in principle and practice. 

There are many wonderful New Thought organizations with diverse root texts and a variety of approaches to those texts and distinct methods of teaching.  It is important to do your research both through reading and also through visiting various New Thought communities to determine the best fellowship for you.

 In the light of the powerful resurgence of New Thought in the form of New Thought 3.1 evidenced by increasing patronage of www.NewThoughtLibrary.com,  we examine why "late New Thought" communities have declining attendance and "late New Thought" talks, including videos on the web hold little appeal, and contrast this with the wide appeal of original New Thought texts and media, and why New Thought leaders teaching New Thought 3.1 attract growing audiences.

This examination supports New Thought seekers to understand why their visits to late New Thought communities are not always inspiring, in contrast to their explorations of original New Thought teachings and the works built upon those teachings which reveal a dynamic and wonderful spiritual path which is both uplifting and practical.  These insights should also help New Thought leaders with an interest in growing attendance at their communities to comprehend why 49% of late New Thought communities have closed since 1999 and begin the process of personal change necessary to rekindling the spiritual light within themselves and thereby rebuilding attendance at their communities.

We will look at what led to such a dramatic shrinkage and why attendance at late New Thought communities continued shrinking, such that from 2011 to 2015,  an additional 21% of those Communities closed. 

People around the globe return again and again to New Thought Library and the other resources built by Serving New Thought.  We provide links to the Universal New Thought Directory system helping visitors find and visit New Thought Centres, yet more often than not, people leave those centers in search of different spiritual communities.   We are happy that some stay, but concerned about the fact that so many people inspired by the original New Thought teachings leave today's New Thought communities. 

 Serving New Thought is the brain child of Dr. Avalon, Doc Spot and a group other compassionate souls.  We understood that by serving New Thought adherents and spiritual seekers with a Universal New Thought Directory, and comprehensive online library of New Thought texts and media, we empower millions of people around the globe with New Thought Spiritual teachings.   We know for such endeavors to thrive we must adhere to principles which support exploration of New Thought spirituality without favoritism toward any particular New Thought group.  We  illuminate the truth with love and kindness while avoiding the tendency to fall into meaningless fluff through equivocation or avoidance of handling hard issues. 

We have an open door policy to help New Thought communities and to this end we have provided free websites and hosting to hundreds of New Thought endeavors. 

It should be noted that this work was not always embraced by "late New Thought" leaders.  We even received letters from the leader of one organization expressing his anger that we process New Thought texts in the public domain and place them online in the www.NewThoughtLibrary.com for free.  We discovered that this particular group has a large air-conditioned facility filled with archives of New Thought teachings, yet they never endeavored to share these texts with the public via the World Wide Web.  Instead, they charged a per page fee to people seeking copies of the texts in their library.   Thus it is understandable that they were unhappy that we share these texts for free via the world wide web.  Our motivation for doing this is simple.  We believe that New Thought is the most imporant spiritual teaching in the world.  We believe that through New Thought, real New Thought, not Late New Thought, but actual real New Thought can change the world for the better.  We provide public domain New Thought texts for free to all who wish to read them and we provide platforms for contemporary New Thought Writers and  owners of New Thought media and materials to reach larger audiences by providing us with  permission in writing for their works to be included.  

We remind all readers that through love of New Thought and illumination of the truth of the evolution of this spiritual path, we are seeing record numbers of New Thought adherents.  When we discovered that while New Thought is growing, attendance at New Thought Centers is shrinking, we reached out to New Thought Centers and New Thought communities to let them know we provide services that can help them.  Those who have availed themselves of our services and become Prosperity Centers have never failed. 

We appreciate your financial support helping us continue this work. 

Our early efforts were not informed by an awareness of the distortions and deviations from the original New Thought teachings which occurred in the latter half of the 20th Century and are now termed "late New Thought."  As we built these resources and were joined by others in expanding them, we discovered increasing amounts of important texts which reveal the truth of New Thought origins, the importance of primal New Thought and why New Thought is such a powerful spiritual path.

As mentioned above, since 1999, 49% of New Thought Centers have closed.  These closures are due to sad and useless deviations on the part of some late New Thought leaders away from the original principles and core concepts of New Thought. 

New Thought Millennials call this phenomena: The Thrall.  Perhaps the thrall occurred due to a lack of knowledge about original New Thought, perhaps this lack was encouraged through "Folklore" and "Mythologies" which supported particular institutions or points of view but did not serve New Thought Seekers and were not in alignment with original New Thought principles and core concepts.  Whatever led to The Thall is not as important as the fact that through recognizing it, we can place it firmly in the past as an aberration and remember it as a lesson for the future.

Those who fell under the Thrall embraced FU-ism, "Prosperity Gospels,"and at times deviated so far from the original tenets of New Thought as to embrace Eddyism / Illusionism.   As our research shows, early New Thought adherents rejected Eddyism / Illusionism and her teachings which were characterized by narcissism.   The Late New Thought leaders who fell under the Thrall were like zombie orb weaver spiders turned into slaves by parasitic wasp larva which causes them to deviate from highest good, then die in the ignoble cause of building the larva's cocoon.  Their communities slowly died due to zombie adherence to FU-ism etc...

Early New Thought leaders embraced the core concepts of co-creation, human rights and scientific thinking which included embracing evolution leading to the concept of spiritual evolution which teaches that not only do life forms evolve, so do thought forms.

For Eddyism / Illusionism to be included in New Thought, we would have to go against Mary Baker Eddy's own teachings which reject such an inclusion.  Then we would have to reject the multitude of extant works which point out the absolute absurdity of Christian Science / Eddyism and point out the huge differences between New Thought versus Eddyism.  Such a leap would entail using folklore and mythology to forward such a distortion.  The consequence of such distortions are not pretty.  In fact this is why New Thought Millennials call such absurdities: The Thrall.

New Thought is at times called "Truth Teaching" because Universal Spiritual Principles grounded within Ancient Wisdom confirmed by scientific thought are empowering truths which support people to be happier and healthier.  This is why The Thrall represents a temporary degeneration from original New Thought teachings with the dire consequence of dramatic shrinkage of attendance at late New Thought communities led by ministers under The Thrall.

Teachings which encourage callousness, lead to inhumane behaviors that culminate in the abuse of human rights and a degeneration of civil society; such teachings are not New Thought teachings.

New Thought 3.1 is growing and thriving because of its embrace of the UDHR, inclusive understanding of Universal Spiritual Principles, and science as a way of thinking.

Attendance is fading at late New Thought centers whose leaders fell under what New Thought Millennials call "the thrall". The Thrall resulted in the closing of over 49% of New Thought communities since 1999.  New Thought Millennials feel the decline in attendance at late New Thought Communities  is simply the function of Spiritual Evolution eliminating those leaders less fit to provide proper leadership.

 New Thought 3.1 has more adherents by percentage and numbers than any of the late New Thought forms.  As today's New Thought leadership awakens from the thrall and returns to the Universal Spiritual Principles / Truth Teachings, attendance at New Thought communities will grow.

Reasons that New Thought 3.1 is growing:

How can existing New Thought Communities increase attendance?


New Thought Millennials believe in the UDHR and Universal Spiritual Principles. If you want us to come to your center, show that you practice what you preach! And hang a copy of the UDHR behind your podium so that it is visible to the congregation at all times! And do us all a favor, drop the nonsense and have enough belief in what you are teaching to know it is great! And please, please, please don't try to sell us treatments on a crystal bed or classes which sound like introductions to Scientology. If we want to learn Scientology, we will get audited.

And if you are going to invite us to attend your "Transdenomination!", at least have the temerity to dress like Dr. Frank N. Further, a self-proclaimed "sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania".

Some claim "Transdenomination" was coined by a popular New Thought Minister. Other people feel the term is absurd, but it is popular for the moment. (2016)

There are many wonderful New Thought organizations with diverse root texts and a variety of approaches to those texts and distinct methods of teaching.

Explore different New Thought beliefs and choose the approach that best suits you. While we are aware that the majority of people who choose the New Thought Path do not find a New Thought Community that suits their sensibilities, we encourage you to visit the different centers.

New Thought Topic

New Thought Principles of the New Millennium


This basic premise of New Thought, that the Divine is Good and Omnipresent is based upon universal spiritual principles as demonstrated and taught by historical figures such as Buddha, Danika, Lao Tzu, and Jesus the Christ. It is understood there are many "Wayshowers." The strength of the teaching of a particular Wayshower is demonstrated through the consciousness and actions of the followers of that path. The adherents of each spiritual path are collectively responsible to the rest of humanity and all life to insure that the expression of their path is not abusive or violent nor violates the rights of other beings.

As mentioned above, New Thought is inclusive and draws on the wisdom of all traditions that teach the truth of our Unity with God/Good and the omnipresence of God/Good.

Explore the Rainbow of New Thought Beliefs / Discover your Truth!

New Thought supports us on our individual journey of personal spiritual evolution.

New Thought Spiritual Practices support us to transform our thinking and thereby transform our lives.

New Thought is neither Abrahamic, nor Vedic. New Thought is unique in that a person may come from any religious background and does not need to belong to any of the four Abrahamic religions or any of the Hindu (Vedic) religions. There are New Thought Taoists and New Thought Buddhists. What New Thought adherents have in common is a belief in Universal Spiritual Principles.

There are New Thought Buddhists, New Thought Taoists and New Thought Pagans who have would never call themselves Christian, nor claim any Abrahamic influence whatsoever. They accept that New Thought Abrahamics (Jews, Christians, Mohammedans, Mormons), and New Thought Vedics share the same Universal Principles of New Thought but would never characterize themselves as Abrahamic.

It is understood that New Thought is a unique and powerful spiritual path which can characterized as a religion having its own spiritual practices and beliefs. Some in New Thought prefer to claim they have no beliefs and choose to express their beliefs as "knowing."

It is understood there are many "Wayshowers." The strength of the teaching of a particular Wayshower is demonstrated through the consciousness and actions of the followers of that path. The adherents of each spiritual path are collectively responsible to the rest of humanity and all life to insure that the expression of their path is not abusive or violent nor violates the rights of other beings.

There are even New Thought Fundamentalists who believe that "nothing is real and everything is in your mind." These folks share many thought patterns and behaviors with other Fundamentalists around the globe. Such extreme beliefs are held by a fraction of New Thought adherents.

As one learns in the beliefs section, New Thought is inclusive and draws on the wisdom of all traditions that teach the truth of our Unity with God/Good and the omnipresence of God/Good. It is not


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"'The truth, once announced, has the power not only to renew but to extend itself. New Thought is universal in its ideals and therefore should be universal in its appeal. Under the guidance of the spirit, it should grow in good works until it embraces many lands and eventually the whole world.' ~ James A. Edgerton, New Thought Day, August 23rd, 1915."

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